Is there a solution for huge traffic problem in some cities?

Answer #1

There is always a solution or a way out like for instance,creating of streets to diff. directions to avoid traffic in major roads.

Answer #2

Our current solution is for millions of people who work in every city to live a long distance from where they work just so they can afford a large inefficient house and a yard that requires constant upkeep. To get to work each commuter surrounds themselves with a 2,500-8,000 lb vehicle and wastes a non-trivial portion of their day stuck behind thousands of other commuters in their own 2-4 ton vehicles on overcrowded roads that are under constant maintenance but can never be repaired or widened quickly enough.

Our current way of living is so inefficient that almost anything you could come up with would be an improvement. Planned cities with housing and business centers close to each other, mass transit and telecommuting are all proven solutions. This is one of the easiest problems we face.

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