Why can't they make Solar powered airplanes?

If most planes are kinda high in the sky why can’t they be powered by sun instead? Clouds might get in the way at times but they can store energy. And plus they fly above clouds

Answer #1

I dont think they could generate enough power but they could put solar powered panels onto it and work out some lighting or something D:

Answer #2

Well then use solar power to charge half o the plane

Answer #3

skylar, you need to do something about your profile pic…your name covers half of your post and people can’t see what you’re saying.

Answer #4

There is no way they could use solar power to power even half the plane, and installing all the equipment on airplanes to make them capable of using any power would probably end up costing more that it’s worth. Airplanes need A LOT of energy to move, much much more than a car, and they can barely make those run with solar power.

Answer #5

it costs huge funds and if the plane passes through a cloud then good by my lover

Answer #6

yes they can build a solar powered plane,its called a zephyr it flew for 54 hours during test,the solar plane flew under its own power through a night flight

Answer #7

a other photo of the solar powered plane the zephyr

Answer #8

That’s kind of cool, but can they actually carry people or objects? And are they completely solar powered?

Answer #9

yes they are completely solar powered it stores it energy in huge wings thats why it can fly at night,but it can’t carry objects or people yet.

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