Snatching teh phone on the stairs

well I cant talk on the phone cause my mom thinks im beign rude and I didnt mean to do what I did it was a mishap wht do I do?and I already told her I didnt mean to and now she is saying to tell my firneds to never call again

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Dear omigawd,
If you were rude to a person calling for your mother I can see where she would have a problem. If you were rude to one of your friends I can see why your mother had a problem. Being rude can just irritate some adults...sounds like your mom may be one of them...hmmm...I guess I am too. If you did it just kidding around then I think speaking with your mother again would be a good idea and perhaps the friend you were speaking too spoke with your mother letting her know it was all just joking around then maybe she'll change her mind. For the time being sit with mom and ask her what she thought was rude and that you are not going to do that again.
Sue....good luck

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what is it that you did again???

Im babysitting six kids need to keep them quiet1

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