Should size matter in a relationship?

okai i have a boyfrined and he is not big in that area, well i been with guys that are bigger in that place and my bf is not big i dont know how to feel i deeply care for him i really do its just that he is small and im used to big . am i a bad person if i think that is a lil tinny problem ?? its not a big deal to me but still … does this make make me a bad person ???? (69)

Answer #1

no. hands down. if the relationship is important, and you love and care for someone, you’ll love them even if they’re the smallest you’ve ever seen, it should still feel good cause you’re sharing that intimacy with them.

unfortuantly…people dont really work like that though. so no, it shouldnt, but i think it does

Answer #2

Naw it doesn’t. But if not everything is not good between the sheets, the relationship probly isn’t going to be good either haha. I’m not saying the sexual stuff is everything, but it plays a huge part in a healthy relationship.

Answer #3

Eh I’ve heard it’s not about size but how you use it… I don’t think size matters.. I mean I’ve heard maybe times it dosent. N I was curious so I looked it up once and it said no but I’ve also heard girls say they like bigger. And I don’t think it makes you a bad person but that’s like your bf saying sorry you don’t have big enough boobs or a big enough butt so I don’t find you attractive. I just think the size shouldn’t matter..

Answer #4

NEVER its not a big deal if you like bigger but as long as the relationship is good its ok but dont like tell him its small haha as long as you dont tell him your being a good person!

Answer #5

^^ Exactly. If you love the person and are in a committed relationship.. size won’t matter what-so-ever. :))

Answer #6

No its shouldnt. what matters in a relationship is the love and trust…nothing else

Answer #7


Answer #8

My bf isn’t big down there, but it suits me just fine because I am small down there also, lol. I would not be able to take a large one because it would hurt me. But even if I could size would still not matter to me because guys can compensate in other ways, they have tongues and fingers. Relationships are not based on sex.

Answer #9

Every person is a package deal. You shouldn’t hold your BFs size against him since it is something he has no control over and it says nothing about his value as a person. Then again, if what he has doesn’t work for you than it is better for both of you to cut your losses early and move on than to stay with him out of a feeling of duty or guilt. If you martyr your sexual fulfillment for him than you will grow to resent it and this will poison your relationship over time. If his size is something you can live with because you like the rest of his package than go in knowing that this is your choice and what you believe is best for you.

Answer #10

Another good point is that girls can satisfy me and they don’t even have one, haha. So it shouldn’t be a problem for a guy :)

Answer #11

I definitely don’t think it “should” matter, but sometimes you can’t help what you’re feeling. You’re not used to it, and that’s fine. You’re not a bad person for feeling this way. It’s understandable. However, I do believe that when you are in love and care about a person, nothing else would matter. The size of his thing would be irrelevant. Who knows, maybe you and your boyfriend aren’t at that point yet or something. I’m sure you’ll get used to it lol, but if it becomes a bigger problem for you, then maybe you guys just aren’t right for eachother.

Answer #12

yea well we joke around about it being small he knew what i was thinking when i felt it but i didnt tell him …. but i tell him i like him the way he is ..

Answer #13

See, if a person really loves u, he/she will see through ur body, will see ur heart, ur nature, will see How much u love him rather than ur size. Just give him/her Love and U will start seeing that these things will not matter in the relationship.

Answer #14

First off, Ill start like everyone else. No, it shouldnt matter. If you love the person, no. Heck, if you dont really love the person even, it doesnt matter. And now, Ill go deeper into my opinion.. Honestly though, it can matter. It shouldnt but it can. Not being sexually satisfied can take away a lot out of a relationship.. Though, you spend more time with him not in bed than you do with, so even though hes a bit small in his area , if its worth spending time with him and being together, it doesnt matter :)

Answer #15

No way! not that ive ever been in one but I think its like the least important thing in a relationship !

Answer #16

No it doesn’t! So many guys point ou to me when we first start talking “OHH I’m big” and yea.. so what.. you think I’ll just date you cause you have a big pen!s? That’s crazy. The female v.a.gina can only feel the first 2 inches inside her (thats where all the nerves are). So you don’t need a big one, unless you want it to be hitting your cervix and hurting you everytime he pushes in. Also it harder to go down on the guy if he’s bigger.

Answer #17

Hey first of all I would want to ask whether you like it or not because when I read your question, its more like that you are disappointed !!

It doesnt matter as long as you enjoy, medically it only needs to be that long where it can penetrate you but rest all is psychological !! You have had big persons and now you with a guy who luvs you more so now you have confusion as this guy is interested in you and so are you but he is not bigger.

I would suggest let it go from your mind, I am sure you havent had the kind of pleasure you had previously, believe me its not because of size but it is because of your mindset.

Answer #18

It doesn’t make you a bad person, but on the contrary, it makes you a person :P Having needs, desires and expectations, even in sexual terms, is both normal and desirable! You either need some time to get used to this situation or you just admit it really upsets you and move on to something better. It may not seem like a nice thing to do, yet it’s a healthy one. No idea how serious the two of you are, but can you afford suggesting him try some male enhancement? :D Maybe this will help both of you

Answer #19

Sex isn’t just about size..try other ways to work it out. Make him feel more confident in himself. His size doesn’t change anything about him as a person.

Answer #20

It shouldn’t matter. If its a big deal, take him to an erotic store buy some lingerie for yourself and a “member”pump for him.

Answer #21

It shouldn’t matter. If you love him, you need to accept him. I know it’s popular to pick on “smaller” guys (I’ll admit that while not tiny, I’m a bit under average, but I’m fine with that because I know how to use it properly, and I think smaller guys should be less embarassed by size), but it is unfair to judge him on this if you really love him. His “size” is completely out of his control. (Which is why it makes no sense that larger men feel superior in some way- it’s not an accomplishment, it’s an uncontrollable circumstance of birth. You wouldn’t feel superior for having a family history of diabetes, even though it’s the same exact thing- an accident of birth…) Think about it like this- what if he had a similar feeling to one of your body parts? You’d probably feel a little upset, because it’s out of your control. You’ll just have to find a way to get over it if you really care about him.

And no, you’re not a bad person. Arguably a bit unexperienced in life, and therefore suffering from “youthful shallowness” (which goes away as you get older and more mature) but not a bad person. You just need to re-evaluate your priorities and stop comparing him to other guys. He’s not your ex, he’s your current boyfriend. You shouldn’t even be thinking of your ex’s.

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