Should Rapist be put to death if guilty?

Should Rapist be put to death if guilty?

Answer #1

A serial rapist… YES

Some drunken insecure frat boy who has rejection issues… NO

Answer #2

Absolutely not. A lifetime of prison? I would agree and I do not mind lending my taxes to the cause. Death? Absolutely not. Who are we to play god?

Also - you are letting someone get away and you are giving them the easiest way out. Rather than allowing them to suffer in Jail, you are ending their life for them so that they do not have to deal with their consequences.

Answer #3

well they should be put away for a longzzz time!(LIFE)

Answer #4

I don’t know how to answer this question…maybe just send them my way, I’ll figure it out.

Answer #5

yea because they might strike again you never know whats in their mind it can mess people up really bad and mess with their lives so yes they should be able to pay for their chioces and be able to deal with it

Answer #6

Hell yeah I think they should be put to death as soon as they hit prison that’s what I would do if I had those rules.

Answer #7

The death penalty is barbaric and archaic. The only reason anyone gives for why we shoukd have the death penalty is revenge. Our giverrnments job should be to look out for and protect the interests of the people. Revenge does nothing to protect us. Deterrence is a myth, and life in prison works just fine, and is actually less expenseive that trying a capital punishment case.

And it is extrememly hypocritical of the religious right to rail against abortion but support the death penalty, and then have the cajones to call themselves “pro-life”.

Answer #8

yeah honestly it should I was raped when I was 12 and it messed my life up totally..

Answer #9

I agree 100percent w/josh 1990

Answer #10

yeah think so too cause if they aready did it once they can do it again

Answer #11

Nope, but life in prison, definitely. (However, I would like them to die.)

Answer #12

No, not unless murder is included as part of the crime.

Answer #13

No. As horrible a crime as rape is, the death penalty should be reserved for “in kind” crimes, that is, crimes that result in the death of the victim, and then only the worst ones - multiple or serial murders, or extreme torture murders.

Answer #14

—What right do we have to decide who is good enough to live or die?—

We’ve been doing it for mellenia. If someone proves to be a detriment to society, we remove them in one way or the other.

In a case where the rapist was in his right mind and planned and went through with a rape, then yes, the death penalty. These men are predators, through and through. 20-40 years in prison will not change that. When they get back out, most of them start the cycle all over again.

In the case where it’s a once or twice thing, and more of a psychological problem(sort of like a drug, where you do it once, try to stop, but every time, you snap when you’re in a situation that puts pressure on you), life in a ward, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. These people obviously have something wrong with them psychologically, but they’re generally the kind that do it because they have to, and don’t have the predatory complex about them. Of course, this is actually relatively rare.

The frat boy case? Rape is rape. But, since he was drunk(severely, I assume?), he wasn’t in his normal state of mind. If he killed the girl in the process, life in prison, because even in the worst state of mind, everyone still has the choice of whether or not to kill. They may snap and get violent, but when they go to the point that they kill, they are dangerous to society, because they most likely will do it again. If the girl lives, 10-20 years, and then life if he does it again afterward.

Statutory rape, in cases where both parties were consensual, depends. 14-18, 10 years at least. 10-14, 20+ with no caps, up to life. If the child is under the age of ten(though most of the time this would be predatory, but I hate leaving exceptions), life anyway, because it takes a truly cold and deceptive person to take advantage of a child like that.

Ultimately, we waste lots and lots of money because the death sentence has become almost taboo. If the evidence is irrefutable, with no doubt whatsoever, the death penalty should be implemented in the appropriate cases. If there is even some question, life in prison.

Answer #15

I don’t really think any crime warrants someone to be put to death. What right do we have to decide who is good enough to live or die?

I’m more of the mind that people’s actions prove whether or not they can live in, function in, and contribute to society. If they commit a crime which proves they aren’t able to do this, they go away into a place with people just like them, ie: prison, to live out the rest of their days. I’m also of the mind that a ‘life’ sentence should be just that- for LIFE.

I think it would be a fitting punishment for a rapist to have their genitals removed, as they have shown they can’t use them responsibly.

However, the problem is, there are plenty of people who are falsely accused, and punishing them for something they didn’t do would be catastrophic. Then there’s the idea of reform, and some people can and do truly regret something they have done, and can try to rebuild their lives, while others can just pretend to reform and get out, easy as pie. There are always going to be catch 22s in the system, it’s a sad but true reality.

Answer #16

It IS less serious… ONE time (drunk and newly acquainted) vs. TWO HUNDRED times (by a paedophile / father figure = serial rapist). There’s a big difference.

Answer #17

As someone who was raped as a child over 200 times by her adoptive father, I’d have to say I’m in favor of the death penalty for rapists. (castration would be nice too.)

I go to trial in 2 weeks. I’ll be happy of course if he gets life.

Many people think of stranger rape when they hear the word rape. Aquantance rape is much more common, especially in child rape instances.

The frat guy at the party with a drunk girl - I am apalled that many people seem to think that scenario is less serious. Rape is RAPE no matter WHAT capacity the person is in or what they wear or how they act.

xox Sika

Answer #18

This is a hard question. At times I’ll be like YEAH!!! I guess it depeneds… Either way, rapist, pedophiles, or whatever should get LIFE in prison, atleast. I think it’s stupid how sometimes they only get like 5-10-20 years.

this guy who was a rapist close to where I lived, got out of jail, played the lotto and won fifty million dollars.

I think he should have given that money to the girl he raped. That has no real relevance really, but I just thought I’d put that out there..

Answer #19

That’s an interesting philosophy…the “letting them suffer in jail for life”, instead of “putting them down like the dirty dogs they are”…except…if asked, they’ll ALL opt for the “suffering in prison” choice…that makes me suspicious of the rapist’s view of which is worse…

However, I do believe that the Karma bus could be waiting for them right at the prison entrance…like make the punishment get more specific…they HAVE to live with the general population (no protective tier for them)…the rapist can now be the rapee…that would make a life sentence seem VERY long.


Answer #20

Dotto bimjob (did ya ever think THIS would happen?? :) )

Rape and murder?? Yes, and it is a capital crime in many states…Serial rape…where the safety of the public needs to be secure…a life sentence…the fat frat boy and the drunk girl at a party? No…I don’t really know how these should be treated, to be honest…that particular scenerio has taken place so many millions of times, with so many different outcomes…But I’d venture to say, that the rapist at the frat party isn’t an ongoing threat to society at large.


Answer #21

I believe that a person should have done to them what they have done. Putting them to death is just a quick way of putting them out of there misery. They should have to endure what they have bestowed upon others. Prison isn’t @%!# and does nothing as far a reforming people. People sit there and buy there time learning other ways that they can get over on the system. Basically it is like networking in the criminal life. There are some that learn there lessons and that just made a mistake. But there is no excuse for rape and molestation.

Answer #22

well. I guess what I meant was that people tend to “brush off” the other instance altogether BECAUSE it is less serious, which in my opinion is wrong.

They are very different, but they are both considered forms of rape & sexual assault cause of the key elements.

xox Sika

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