What color should I paint my truck?

i have a 1980 ford f150! it runs like a champ and everything! but needs a paintjob! im thinking of Flat Black with chrome Trimming or Flat White with everything blacked out? what should i do?

Answer #1

I like the whole black idea, I just love that color, and even better in cars :)

Answer #2

canary yellow, what kind of truck is it?

Answer #3

If that is what you like then go for it…after all no matter what colors we choose its you that has to like it…Personally I love Metalic Blue…or Metalic Red..but that is just me….go with your gut instinct so when you sit n it you feel great…not sorry you chose the wrong color for ya!

Answer #4


Answer #5

I liike Red for those trucks. Or the black sounds nice.. I want one of those trucks! your so lucky!

Answer #6

red is the better colour as it sells better believe it or not, you just cant go wrong with red.

either that or brg cus it sells just as good.

Answer #7

probaly white cus when you gets scratches its hard to tell they are there on white vechiles

Answer #8

Red/ Metalic Red/BRG…same sh!t…as long as it is in that family :P

Answer #9

either black or dark blue

Answer #10

jalapeno green :D.

Answer #11

Problem with flat black is that unless you just washed your truck it won’t look clean. Flat black can look awesome but it is very high maintenance.

Are you doing the paint yourself or having it professionally applied? Metalics, pearls, prismatic and candy finishes can look great but are more difficult to do well. Lighter colors do a better job hiding runs and orange peel.

How about something unusual like turquoise?

Answer #12

Flat black would be super cool dude. :D I like that one best! :D But it might get real hot sitting in the sun in the summer. lol. :D

Answer #13

Black all the way. It is smart and stands out in the crowd. If you want to make a statement, go for black anytime.

Answer #14

you should read the entire question if you want to know what kind of truck it is.

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