How do you shade when painting?

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you need to be more specific here...
It all depends on what you are painting with...what style...what tools...

if your painting with acrylic, like a face first you need to pick the colors, lay down the dark colors to form the face, as you lay down more color it get lighter & lighter as if the sun were reflecting on it.

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it is with acrylic and i dont really understand what your describing, sorry :/

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ANSWER #3 of 10 getting this off a friend that is a professional artist, that is what he said so I am just typing the answer. sorry ;)

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first you choose the colors you want to use and she is saying to paint the darker colors first to define the shape of the face and then layer the lighter colors on top. At least i believe that is what she is saying.

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okayy thanks! like do i put the lighter colors on when its still wet or wait for the other pain to dry?

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Ty Katherine Rose, he says to wait for it to dry (sorry on the headset with him) :)
In all honesty I know nothing about painting...poetry now that is a different topic I am more familiar with :)

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i have tried putting it on when the paint was still wet and it didnt work out for me very well so i would suggest letting it dry quite a bit first

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okayy thank you both!

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no prob, hope it helped!

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