What colour of shading should I use when painting hands a peach/flesh colour?

when painting hands a peach kind of color what color should i use to shade it, like grey, orange, black orr….?

Answer #1

A darker shade of peach or orange. Never use grey or black for shading as it smudges easily and can leave your painting looking dirty.

Answer #2

Well what I usually do takes a lot of practice. I use a dark blue to shade it. Basically what I do is do a layer of dark blue where the shadows go, and then slowly layer the peach color on top. It creates a lovely shadow, better than using black or grey. in turn you could also use a brown-ish color. You will find that using your complimentary colors for shading actually creates a much better effect than simply using black although when it comes to shading, people usually think “black!”. For example when I paint something red, I tend to use a deep blue and deep green for my shadow, it creates a nice dark shadow that black cannot achieve. It does take lots of practice though, to know how to layer and blend it, I’d definitely practice it on something separate first, if it doesn’t seem to work out for you, I’d just go with a dark brown or black.

Answer #3

I forgot about the blue. :) Cool answer.

Answer #4

so wait, after i paint the hands i’d use a layer of dark blue where i want to shadow it then paint over it with the color i paint the hands again? or no, just leave it the blue color?

Answer #5

You can do that, or mix your peach colour with the dark blue to get it a shade darker and shade with that.

Answer #6

Like Irene said, you could mix it into your peach paint, or, before you do the peach color, paint a layer of the blue where there are shadows and then slowly layer the peach on top of it letting bits of the blue come through the layer of peach. Be sure to practice a bit first :o

Answer #7

okaay, thank you so much!

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