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I’m saving up for a car and I was wondering what kind of car I should get, I’ve got about 2,200 saved up already

Answer #1

I’m not looking to buy from a company I’m buying second hand

Answer #2

that wont buy you a car. that will buy you a laptop

Answer #3

well from what my uncles have told me…Honda’s are better, they last a long time and Toyota’s are good too. Try looking in your local newspaper in the autos section or on craigslist (but be careful there cause sometimes some of those can be scams).

Answer #4

2200 will get you something decent. Just don’t be stupid about it.. If KBB says its worth 2200, then it is only worth usually about 1200–They are stupid idiots out to screw people. I support buying American, because you don’t know how much longer the BIg Three will be around. Sure, buying a 96 Jeep Cherokee won’t help out Chrysler, but you can enjoy something that was produced by a company that might not be around much longer. I have no specific examples to reccomend for you, because there are a lot of cars to choose from in the used-car market, but here are some things to think about…

  1. Don’t pay more than $1000 for something with over 200,000 miles.
  2. Don’t buy without a title. I don’t know what your state rules are, but in NH no title is needed if the vehicle is older than 15 years. I feel that if the owner couldn’t be bothered to keep track of a peice of paper, how do I know that they took care of the car?
  3. Be wary of older vehicles with low low miles on them. That could be a low number because 1. Odometer has been rolled back, which is obv. illegal. 2. Was sitting a lot, which would mean that fluids gum up, and gaskets dry out, or 3. Used on lots and lots of short trips. That isn’t good because the car gets started, driven a mile or two, and then stopped. Parts as they heat up and cool down expand and contract, and often starting and stopping isn’t good for anything. 4. The odometer might not have enough digits on it. Seller could say that something has 45000 miles, 145 000 miles, or 245000 miles, when it is really has 345000. There is no sure way of knowing. I have more to write, but I am turning this into a book.
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