Step Son Always Running Off and Acting Up!!!

My Husband has a 5 year old and he never listens! He always runs off when we go to the store and breaks and write on things but one day he went to the extreme!! My Husband and I have a one year old…one day he was eating his little gerber star shaped puffs and I happened to notice one of them had something orange on it so I picked it up to see what it was and it was a thumb tack pushed into two of them !!! I freaked out because I asked him why he done it and he just laughed but he knew what it could do to my son!!! I am left not knowing what to say because my husband does not allow me to punish his son yet he didnt say anything either!! he lets him get by with anything but he is fine with his step dad spanking him which is his ex wifes husband. Yet I am not aloud !!! Its not the only time he has went against me . He makes A huge difference between the two. I don’t know what to do. Its unfair to spank a one year old who doesnt know what they are doing and let a 5 year old get away with what could have killed my son. I make no difference between the two kids although one is not mine!!! Please try to give some suggestions on this subject.

Answer #1

I am in the exact position you are in.If my kids harm each other - punishment-but if his kid harms one of mine no diciplinary action is taken by him .We only have his child every other weekend and its hard for me to step up and be his mom when he lives with his real mom.I have confronted my husband on this and it only causes arguments and leads him to believe that I dont love his son.The facts are I do love his son as much as my own but I dont want the smaller children getting hurt.I think there should be declipline for any age when wrong is being done.Please give me advise.

Answer #2

GET A DIVORCE!!! hello, obviously he just doesnt care about you or 7your kids!

Answer #3

I am in the exact same position execept that my step daughter is 15 and my daughter is 2.. however my husband thinks his daughter hitting my daughter is childer’s play… he used to discpline her but now after his sister was done talking to him he thinks it is me who HATES his kid and I went away for a day and took my daughter with me it seemed to help a little for few day but didn’t change much so please HELP

Answer #4

talk to your husband his son must know he can get away with it

Answer #5

Talk to your husband. This isnt your stepson’s fault, it’s his. Your stepson knows he can get away with anything because your husband will let him. You need to stop calling him your son, and remind him that this baby is his too… and he cant let one of his son’s get away with attempting to hurt another one of his son’s… This needs to be stopped soon… or his behavior will get worse. And as long as your stepson senses that his behavior seperates you, he will continue to do it…

Answer #6

I’d be having a huge talk with your husband- why are you not allowed to discipline his son? This child knows he can get away with this behaviour for two reasons:

  1. He knows his daddy won’t let you pull him up when he misbehaves
  2. Daddy likes to think his 5 year old can do no wrong because he’s just a kid

It’s time for some serious tough love here. This man marries you because he loves you, and in this position as a step-mother, you have every right, and even the responsibility to be teaching this kid which behaviours are acceptable and not acceptable. If this is the behaviour he thinks is okay now, imagine how he will be two, five, or ten years from now.

I’d be getting your husband to outline exactly why you aren’t allowed to discipline him. Also, you need to sort out a system of discipline and reward, so the child knows when they’re misbehaving there are consequences, and when they are well behaved, there are rewards.

If your husband refuses to acknowledge what is happening, or work towards a solution, I suggest you pack up your one year old and go away for a few days. Maybe the that’s the kind of statement your husband will understand- you don’t want your baby killed because you have no way of controlling the other child.

Answer #7

I have been wit my partner nearly a year now I have a 4 year old son and my partner has 3 daughters who we have every weekend. I have just found out we have another on the way. My son is 4 years and he dose have an anger problem and misbehaves to the point where is it causing arguements between me and my partner. Every weekend when he has his daughters we have to go away at the weekend because his daughters have now had enough with his behavior. His youngest daughter is 3 and my son dose now clash with her, she has started picking up bad behavior from him which is harder for us. I have tried talking to my partner about the way we should punish him but everything just turns into an arguement.Me and my partner are no longer living together, as he says he hasnt got time for him anymore he cant cope and his girls are more important. I say I dont want to argue we should stick by eachother and help eachother out. I send him to his bedroom, his toys get taken off him we have a naughty step but nothing seems to be working. He says I need to be more strict with him but I honestly dont know what else to do. We have even looked up signs of ADHD and he covers a few signs for having it. All the children get punished the same if they misbehave. What else can we do?

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