Is it racist for someone to say that they are proud to be white?

Would you consider someone saying that they are proud to be white, racist? If so, why is that. Would you consider a person who says they are proud to be black a racist? Explain:

This is something that has come up with a group of friends of mine, and the answers were shocking, yet somehow predictible. I’m just curious as to what other people think.

Answer #1

lanternoflight and colethky, your post is racist because Mexican(and indian) is not a skin color. its a word used to describe some one who is from Mexico(or india).

I think the biggest problem with racism in america today is lots of people simple do not realize they are being racist.

White people used to think Black people were completely lower than them on the social ladder. When talking about a person who was black they would never just say “That guy standing over there” they would always say “That black guy standing over there.” People saying they are proud to be black is basically them taking away white peoples power to oppress them using the term black.

If you are someone who is black and american. saying that you are proud to be black means something. saying that you are proud to be white means nothing.

there is a difference between being proud of who you are, being proud of the heritage of your people, and being proud of the country you are from.

saying you’re proud to be white MEANS NOTHING

Answer #2

Not at all!Lol.Ever since 9/11,several Westeners gawk at me when I wear my normal national dress because Im Pakistani and but what the hell do I care what they think because Im proud to be Pakistani and thats nothing to be rascist of or to say,’Im proud to be a colored person.’because I am.You should be proud to be who you r and thats all the statement says.I mean,im sue u’ve heard the phrase,’Proud to be an American?’Same thing.

Answer #3

No, they are not. I do not understand why this double standard exist in our society.

Answer #4

I think it all depends on the “tone” the person is saying it,and also depends on what was the issue before that came up either it is said by black or white person then someone can decide if its racist.

Answer #5

Understandable. What you were talking about all goes back to what one’s personal defination of pride would be. Many people see pride in different ways.

Answer #6

Ah… sorry…

I don’t think it makes you RACIST necessarily… I just think its pointless…

Answer #7

Both your sex and nationality can be changed if you so choose…

And when a woman says, “I’m proud to me a woman.’’ …it has far more meaning behind it than just… ‘’I’m proud to have jugs & a uterus.’’

Answer #8

I understand what your saying. Although, I stick by my opinions on things. I dont think that having pride in being white makes you a racist. Which is what my entire post was about.

Answer #9

Why can’t people be proud of themselves (whether they are white, black, mexican, indian, etc. )? If you are something and you are proud that doesn’t mean that you are a racist. Racist’s hate people because they are different than themselves. Saying that you are proud of being…whatever color you are…is not the same thing.

Answer #10

I think it’s stupid to be proud of something you had nothing to do with. There’s no reason to be proud of being white, black, yellow, or purple.

You didn’t accomplish anything, and it had nothing to do with you. It’s like being proud of being born with both of your legs.

Answer #11

underwaterophelia , I agree .

Answer #12

steph . and why it is ? color does not define you as a person and does not make you a good person , it is just a color !!!

Answer #13

Phew! I read your advice and think you’re great - I was hoping to read that and I’m glad you aren’t racist..:) Kudos!

Answer #14

Absolutely not, for both - And my reason is simply everyone should be proud of who they are, and every aspect of that. You cant change your race to you might as well embrace it. Sitting there saying “my race is better than your race…” type thing I would consider to be a bit racist though.

What are YOUR thoughts about it?

Answer #15

captainassassin Do you think it’s pointless to be proud you are a woman then? Because many people would disagree with you. Do you think it’s pointless when millions of people say they are proud to be american or canadian? Those are both things that you have no control over, it’s something your born into and it’s accepted that it’s allright to be proud of them.

Answer #16

peanutbritttle That’s one thing that came up with me and my friends. Saying you are proud to be white and saying “White Power” are two totally diffent things. People usually associate white pride with things that have happened in the past (such as hitler, nazi’s etc.), which is not true in the least. Saying you are proud you are white or black or whatever, is not saying that you are better or more powerful than anyone, it is simply saying you are proud of something that makes you, you. I see no problem in anyone having pride in whatever makes them, themselves. You can be proud of your religion/heritage/color/eye color/hair/sex/ etc, and I dont see why you shouldn’t be.

Answer #17

I would never say that someone who is proud to be who they are is racist. Mainly because you cannot help being the color you are and therefor should be proud of it. I love being white, because that is how I was born. Not because of the “heritage” of white people(because God knows we havent been perfect). If I was mexican, then I would be proud of that. If I were black, then I would be proud of that. Etc, etc, etc.

Answer #18

blerggher, for many years, women were treated as though they were unimportant and also had the problem of not being allowed in many places that men went.

If I say “I like being a woman”…does that make me a feminist?

We can’t change history. We can’t make what our ancestors did “not happen”, but why should we, as white people today, be persecuted until the end of days for something we had no hand in doing?

I’m all for black pride - they have a right to it…but so do we. We have a right to celebrate our place in this world, and just because my ancestors came from across the sea doesn’t mean a damn things these days. I was born Canadian, just as my mother, and her mother…and I am a proud Canadian.

Answer #19

It’s pretty controversial.

A lot of black people who identify their pride are often seen as powerful, but if a white person does it, they are accused of being racist.

I think we can all be proud of who we are, but it doesn’t have to be a racist view. I like who I am, and I happen to be white. If I were black, I’d still like who I am.

The simple fact, is that we will never be in a world that has the ability to be “colour blind”. In a sense, we are all racist - if you can look at a group of black people and point at the one white person standing within it, that’s just as racist a view if it were a black man in a white crowd.

What we need to do as a society is start looking at people from the inside, not the outside.

Answer #20

I personally think that you should be proud in everything that makes you, you. Including skin color. Talking with my friends though, they assumed that white people who said “White Pride”, were racist, because of the bad history and things associated with the saying “White Pride” It amazes me though that they did not see a black person who said Black Pride, as a racist.

Answer #21

It’s pointless to be prideful of things you had NO PART in obtaining.

Answer #22

skin color is not somthing for people to be proud of ,people should be proud for what they achieved in life

Answer #23

^^ And why isn’t it something to be proud of?

Answer #24

ichibanarky Thank you, that was my point exactly.

Answer #25

I don’t think there’s a problem with being proud of who you are. proud to be white good for you. same for every other race. I believe its more of people making themselves offended by said statement. what you really need to know is the persons REASON for stating that. if their reason is oppressive and racist, you no longer speculate or accuse, you get fact from the actual person. if its not, then that’s pretty self explanatory within itself. as stated, I don’t think its necessarily being “proud” as you didn’t do anything to get your skin color. however, loving where you came from, your heritage, even physical features is more understandable to me.

Answer #26

White, Yes, Black, No.

I am proud to be (insert:  country, state, sex, sexual preference, age, educational level of attainment, etc.).

I am proud to be Black is like saying I’m proud to be of African heritage and to be a survivor of everything that Blacks have had to endure.

I am proud to be White, rather than defining heritage, accomplishment, etc., is really saying I am proud to NOT be Black. I think that is racist.

White does not describe anything except skin color. No positive values.

Black describes cultural heritage, values and the probable birth color of the first man.

I am white. I am not proud that I am white because the white race of various eras and countries has been a very oppressive race.

I am glad I am white because my skin color has protected me from many of the injustices that have fallen on people of other skin colors.

I’m glad I am American and live in America, because my country is a country of opportunity and freedom. It may have had problems in the past, but as it is maturing, it is allowing more freedom and equal opportunity to all of its people.

Am I racist? Probably subconsciously. I think I am instinctively more suspicious of people of different culture or skin color, at first impression, but I have learned to take a second look and try to find out their values and motives. Most of the time, although their culture may be quite different, their values, motives and goals are basically the same as mine.

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #27

This is a great question but at the end of the day, being proud of your skin colour is about as much use as being proud of a suntan, it has no real substance to it, and just kicks off a huge debate of confusion anger and judgement. Being proud of your colour is probably a combative tool against feelings of inadequacy or self hatred which was and still is inflicted on minorities to this day. I urge anyone in this debate to research slavery and who was actually responsible and who was victimized, I think you will be surprised at what they neglect to teach you in school. I am mixed black and white and have experienced terrible racism from both black and white people through the years, I concluded in my teens that black or white, people are just racist and confused as each other. I would be asked whether I considered myself black or white, and would be accused of betrayal no matter which way I leaned toward, this created confusion for me until I realised that I didnt really react like either, so I concluded I am mixed, I am not black or white, I do not say I am one or the other to satisfy someones racial agenda, I am merely me, if someone doesnt agree, too fkin bad! Believe me when I say that modern culture and the media, society in general is dictating to the youth what it means to be who you are, noone is presenting themselves truly, they take what they like and try to become. What I am trying to say is that its all a set of sh. If you are proud to be white, ask yourself why, if you are proud to be black, ask yourself why. Will you share the answers you discover. Then ask someone what they think, they will probably say, I dont really care!

Answer #28

Are you proud of the slavey that your people forced on others? Are you proud that your people displaced Indigenous peoples, and took over their land? Are you proud that your people built the America’s on the back and by the blood of slaves? Are you proud that your people use to consider other races inferior? Or are you proud that your people made an effort to chage the past? Are you proud that they pay restitution to the Indigenous peoples for taking their land? Or are you proud that blacks are finally geting recognition for the building of America? becasue you better believe my people built America while your people sat around telling us what to do, and then took all the recognition. Or are you proud that your people finally realized they were not the most superior race? If you can not answer yes to each question than you are not proud to be white. To be proud of your race bto be be completely satisfied with the history of your race, If you are proud of the history of your race than it makes sense that you would be proud to be white because of you races accomplishments. If thats the case than your racist and agreed with the past behaviours of your race. I think people need to be proud of their accompliments because to say you are proud of your race is to say you are proud of you peoples place in history, and I’m sure we could all see that no race at anytime has been perfect. Be proud of who you arr, but don’t let your race define you.

Answer #29

Saying that you are “Black” and proud means nothing as well then. Because you are still talking about skin color ma’am. Technically, it is african-american. I never said there was a heritage of “white” people, that would be silly. White, is not a heritage.

Answer #30

First off, I can’t help that blacks were enslaved in the past. I personally had nothing do with that, so me saying that I am proud to be white, does not make me a racist. In my opinion. I dont believe that any race, as a certain privledge over the other, to say they are proud to be their skin color. If you are going to argue that you can’t be proud to be white, then you should also argue that you can’t be proud to be black. No skin color is above another, and no skin color should have that privledge if the other’s can’t. Also for the people saying you should not be proud of something you couldn’t control, or something that you did not accomplish. Then why are people proud to be women, proud to be american, proud to be canadian, all of these things could not be controlled. You were just born that way.

Answer #31

Yeah… I tend to relate it to love, friendship, or just a basic sense of accomplishment.

Answer #32

I agree with stephanief987

Answer #33

well then, don’t say you are proud to be white. say you are proud to be canadian. I even addressed that in my post. “If a white person was saying they are proud to be German, Dutch, English etc. it would be completely different. because their genetic history and heritage are from that country.” maybe I didnt word that correctly. but in America, saying you are proud to be white really doesnt make any sense. There was such a wide range of different cultures with white skin coming to this country during the colonization times. Black people were treated like subhumans just because the white people at that time thought that black skin meant that they were an inferior race. and enslaving them would actually be ok in the long run as long they could be converted to christians, because you know, that sorta thing would help them out. I am not saying anyone should be ashamed to be any skin color. but saying you are proud to be white is ignorant.

Answer #34

Sad how ethmer can say that there are no positive values to be associated with being white and how blegger can say that being white means nothing. Typical of the white-guilt brainwashing of today. White is understood as “European origin,” and Europe also is a geographic region and genetic heritage, so how can that mean nothing? Also, how are whites’ contributions to history not a positive? Who said “you know, the earth is not flat, let’s sail away from land and see what we find?” Who invented the concept of democracy? Who drafted the Constitution that provided the framework for the US to become the world power it is today and gives all of us the freedom to post what we want online and to worship as we please? Who invented the automobile, the light bulb, and the telegraph? Who were the first people in space and on the moon? The obvious answer is European or European-origin people, I.e. WHITE PEOPLE! Yet somehow that means nothing? If blacks can feel proud of Charles Drew and George Washington Carver, I as white can feel proud of George Washington and Karl Ferdinand Braun. As far as white guilt, practically every group of people has practiced slavery or some other form of oppression, and whites don’t have a monopoly on that, so I feel no guilt. History is far more than the 200+ years the US has been in existence.

Being proud to be anything necessarily means you’re proud not to be something else becuase then you’d be different. That’s not racism, that’s just saying “this is who I am and I’m proud of it”.

Answer #35

there is no heritage or history of “white” people in this country, the white colonists that came to America were from all different backgrounds and from all over Europe. If a white person was saying they are proud to be German, Dutch, English etc. it would be completely different. because their genetic history and heritage are from that country. black people on the other hand have been oppressed in this country for 100’s of years. they used to be banned from being in the same places as white people just because they were black. around the civil rights times black people want to show they are proud of being who they are despite all the bigotry from the the majority of the country. so they say they are black and proud. saying that you are white and proud means nothing and is definitely racist

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