What would you have done if a person assumed your were racist?

So Chris and me are walking through Wal-Mart last night, just looking at the movies right. Well this guy on an electronic scooter comes up to us and says “Can I ask ya’ll something”, being polite I said sure. He goes “Who did you vote for?” Chris said that he was for McCain, I just kept my mouth shut to see where this was going.

He then says “Have you noticed that ever since they announced Obama as president, these nggers have been walking around with their heads high up, thinking they can do what they want and that they are better than us”. I was SHOCKED! He kept going on about all these racist comments and about the nggers and about how Obama IS going to be assasinated, etc.

We didn’t even KNOW him. My jaw was hitting the floor. He just assumed that since we were white, we were on “his side.” I was so pissed off and so aggravated I started yelling in the middle of Wal-Mart. I said “Just because I’m White, does not mean that I am ignorant and racist like you are, keep your damn racist comments to yourself” and walked away.

How would you have reacted. I’m still shocked by all of this..

Answer #1

I don’t know how I would have reacted. I tend to just stand there in quiet shock when bizzare things like that happen.

…mandy, are you saying your fiance agreed with this guy about his racism!? Yikes.

Answer #2

And really now, even if she is marrying a man whose beliefs are such as those, do any of you have the right to judge her?

It’s not HER beliefs, it’s HIS. So stop bothering MandyLoo.

Answer #3

I’ve said it a number of times on this website, racism doesn’t belong anywhere. It doesn’t belong in my home, it doesn’t belong on the streets of this country and should never, ever be in the White House.

Yes mandyloo, I definitely would have walked away, but I’d also walked away from your fiance. But, hey, that’s just me.

Answer #4

The thread is about racism, not her fiance. Racism doesn’t belong ANYWHERE. That is the entire point.

And I answered the question. I would have walked - on both the racist “stranger” and the racist fiance.

Answer #5

don’t ask the question if you don’t like the answer!!!

Answer #6

Mandyloo, why do you always ask people what we would have done and then argue with their opinion? you asked the question so let others answer with out you telling us what we would have done was not going to happen. YOU asked what would have WE done. We know what you did.

Answer #7

So, you’d allow your son to be racist? You wouldn’t teach him right from wrong?

Answer #8

I suppose your fiance’s appearence led that guy to think he was in like company…and he was!!! I guess that ends the mystery of “why” this guy felt so free to air his views to complete strangers.


Answer #9

I’m ok with you taking offense to what I said. I stand by it.

Answer #10

Yes. My fiance is a skin-head. He usually doesn’t talk about things out in the open though and never talks about them with me because we hold different opinions on the subject.

Answer #11

Well, I’m really hot headed so I probably would have started screaming and yelling at him and maybe even punched him in the face.

But I also would have said Obama right away, or that it was none of his business.

Answer #12

I guess if you can live with a skinhead, then you can.

I wouldn’t be able to. I also wouldn’t allow my child to grow up with someone like that.

Answer #13

I would have recoreded him, and I am glad you said something other than walking away because he was wrong to say that. we always been walking around with our head high. it just hurts that people are still racist for no reason.

Answer #14

Me and mi BABY would have laugh and his face and we are BLACK

Answer #15

Wrong place to be asked about politics .. I just would of smiled and walked away

Answer #16

I agree with you that walking away would have been the best option, but I was there with my fiance like I said, and I didn’t want to just leave him there talking to this guy. They were deep in conversation, I should have kept my cool though.

Answer #17

Well that’s you, and not me.

Like I have said before, I have talked to my fiance several times, we have agreed that he says nothing around my son and that our son should grow up to believe in what he wants. He wont force his ideas on him, just as we wont force a certain religion on him.

My fiance is a very nice man. He does not go around saying things to people or being rude. He keeps his opinions to himself and knows when things are innapropriate.

I take very much offense to you saying that I shouldn’t raise my child around “someone like that.” You dont know him or know the whole situation and how dare you question his parenting skills because of his beliefs.

Answer #18

I do not know honestly. I am an African American, so I do not suppose he would have been talking to me. I do not really care for African Americans. The way that they act annoys me. I do not believe in using any kind of slur. I am conflicted on what I would have thought. I think it is ridculous that a number of African Americans voted for Obama just because he is black. I am not certain.

Answer #19


My fiance’s sharing his beliefs is different. My fiance does not talk about things like that to people who he knows are uncomfortbale with it or people he does not know. He has bis beliefs, but he keeps them to himself and does not oppose them on others. I would NEVER be embarresed of him, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I just dont think that they guy who came up to us, did so at the right time or place. He does not make shamful comments in front of me and respects that I dont share the same beliefs.

Answer #20

my friend works at a restaurant, some customer told him a very racist joke (that I will not repeat on here) and then told him “Vote white, if you want a tip” my friend just said “uhh ok” and walked away, that is probably the best thing you could do is just walk away knowing that person is an idiot. you’re the better person, take pride in knowing these people would be too scared to say anything like that to a black person. they are just scared and pieces of trash.

Answer #21

you know something…the US depends on outside money to survive…our banking system would have died without investments from other countries… also, the US is not all “white folks”… take a look at all the fortune 500 companies…and the execs that run them… wow… such ignorance… minorities are always blamed when something goes bad…but when it is good…there is no thank-you…or “good job”… this is a free country…and everyone says it doesnt matter if you are colored or white…that is soo wrong…open your eyes and you will see racist comments everywhere… look at the news…they blame the stock market dropping because obama was going into office… yet wall street and main street is run by who? last time I checked…a majority of them were white…and I’m sorry…our country being run into the ground didn’t happen over night because obama was elected…it happened because “someone” kept interest rates too damn low for too damn long to spark major growth in everything from mortgage to real estate to business in general…now if we all take a look back …I see G.Bush “leading” our country for the past years into the ground… (he is as white as can be)… I think if we all learn to accept one another as people and not black people, white people, etc… that we could actually be the strong country that we present ourselves to be. my beliefs are ones of a republican…but I think obama is a great speaker and can rally people to make a change…like Clinton… (we actually had a balanced budget when Clinton was in office…Bush dug us the deepest hole ever) MCCAIN however presents himself like a puppet…he grew up in a rich family and was spoon fed…how the h*ll does he know what it’s like for the middle/lower class? Obama’s father left him here and went home to Kenya…Obama was poor and smart and managed to grad from a top school at the top of his class…I think he knows a little about the middle and lower class…dont you??? I dont however agree with his tax plan as it would hit me in the a$$…but I think our country needs a change and he is one that can rally the people for change… If I was in your position…I would have told him that it’s people like him that keeps our world in peril… and would have walked away… racist pig…

Answer #22

Walking away wasn’t that easy of an option though, my Fiance started talking with him (My fiance agrees with him), so I said what I had to and then walked away, but my fiance was still there. Ugh.

Answer #23

Stephanie, I agree, but she choose to say what her boyfriend was, and that just gave the answer as to why a stanger came up at said that. I am sure the man felt that this couple would agree with them based on there outside looks, Hey I have tattoos and ride a Harley, But don’t throw your personal life out their if you don’t want people to react to it, I think his beliefs suck and I think her thoughts on Pot being legal sucks but hey the only reason I will respond to it, is because she put it out their. She asked a question then kept adding more detailed information and that is going to cause people to react. Then she wants to send me a funmail about my answer to her question. She could have just posted it right here for me and everyone else to read, she did not have to mail it to just me.

Answer #24

Woah now harleyrider. I did NOT argue with ANYONE on their opinions on what they would have done. If you would have read the entire thing you would see that I AGREED that I should have just walked away and not yelled at the guy.

I started getting definsive when my fiance’s parenting skills were being insulted because of his beliefs. Read before you cut me down ma’am.


Stand by it all you want, you can judge if you want, but you know nothing of me or how my son is raised. You know NOTHING of what goes on in this household and I take it very serious when our parenting skills are insulted.


It wouldn’t matter if I “allowed” my son to be a racist. You can teach your children right and wrong, and they will still decide what they want to do. You can’t force them to pick the right thing. I would teach him that racism is wrong, but I can’t make him believe that if he doesn’t.

Answer #25
  1. I would not have yelled at the man. I would have said that I didn’t agree with what he was saying and walked away.
  2. Living in the South, I also know that you never get used to that behavior.
  3. I don’t care how you and your fiance have agreed to raise your son, I know that his feelings will come out. It might not be “said” to your son but it will be “displayed” to your son. Riding in the car, talking with his friends, watching tv. Your fiance will say something to you or someone else in front of your child and from that moment on, your son will be watching his words and actions. Children pick up on the slightest things and are extremely sensitive and intuitive to other’s feelings.
  4. Yes, you teach you child right and wrong. And yes, they still decide what to do. But as far as teaching him that racism is wrong and ignorant, cruel and backwards, you really will not ever completely convince him because he will see and understand that it isn’t THAT wrong because you selected to be with a racist.
  5. Yes, we all know that the question was about the racist man in Wal Mart, but it is actually also about the racist man you are with. There is no difference between the two, except one is rude enough to say it to a stranger at Wal Mart.
Answer #26

Harley Rider:

Yes, I messaged you because I was trying to stop all of the drama and not continue it on here, guess you feel otherwise. You seem to focusing on your hate for me, rather than anything else. I have NOT ONCE in this tread argued with someone about their answer to my question. I have AGREED with almost everyone that I should have just walked away and ignored the guy. When my and my fiance’s parenting skills are attacked and people got personal, of COURSE I’m going to respond and defend myself. I would expect any normal person to do so. My fiance’s beliefs bother some people, but they dont bother me. It DOES NOT change how great of a father he is and I resent anyone who says that it does. I WOULD NOT walk away from him because of his beliefs just as I would not walk away from someone just because they had different religious beliefs. I also love how harleyrider threw in how she hates my views on marijuana. a lot of people actually agree with me, especially our new president. Did you know they just legalized possesion of marijuana in less than an ounce in Mass.? Why did you even throw that in there. You are showing that you are just here because of your hate for me. I dont care if you dont like my views on things. I am entilted to them and they dont involve you. Also, for the person who said now they know why the stanger came up to me, I just want to clarify, that my fiance’s does not look like your average skinhead, as he has not shaved his head in years. Not being rude, just saying, that is not the reason he came up to us.

Answer #27

Okay seriously - why has this become about her fiance and personal life?

This question was regards to a stranger being a racist prick. There is no need for this thread to turn into hate speech just because her love happens to be a skin head. Let her live her life and do what she thinks is best for her family. Who are you to judge?

harleyrider, You think ranting on about how you don’t like when manyloo defends herself will stop her from speaking her mind? She’s not breaking any rules, she’s not being offensive, she’s replying to peoples answers and since when is that such a crime? I’ve seen her agree with several people on this thread so it’s not like she’s saying everyone is wrong and she’s right, that’s not the case. Sometimes when you add a little detail to the situation throughout the thread it helps people understand a bit more, and that’s what she did, she just wanted to clarify some things.

Lets move on and answer what’s being asked and stop judging now :) Thanks.

…as for the guy, I would have probley walked away but if I knew someone that was actually standing there agreeing I probley would have been all “we have to go now”. But I guess some things are easier said than done.

Answer #28

Whoa, that is crazy…

You won’t let him raise your child to believe that will you?

Answer #29

I REALLY don’t like Obama. But not because he’s black, because I don’t hardly agree with him on anything except protecting our borders from illegals and working on the econamy. I know democrats usually do better with the economy when they’re in office … but money isn’t the only thing important that was up for descustion … ex. abortion

Answer #30

I’ve lived here my whole life. I grew up in the state capital, Baton Rouge, but I just moved 20 mintues away to Denham Springs.

I guess it just shocked me because I mean I’m used to hearing racist comments from friends and family, but this guy just randomly came up to us and started talking, out of nowhere.

Answer #31

You’re right mandyloo. Sometimes walking away is the hardest thing to do when all you want to do is fight back, but I firmly believe that I’m doing my part by refusing to be a part of it at all. It helps that I’m a pacifist as well, however.

Answer #32

I would have walked away. I certainly would not have started shouting in the middle of a Wal-Mart. Why did you do that? Do you think that if you’re louder, you’re right?

If your fiance agrees with that guy…get a new fiance.

Answer #33

Yeah, your fiance’s beliefs bother the hell out of people. He’s racist. And you basically shouldn’t be able to say anything to the man in Wal-mart. Seeing as though you are going to marry one of them yourself.

Just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.

Answer #34

Well, it sure as hll would be shocking to hear that in our Walmart…or anywhere else up here. Did you just move there, or something? You’re in the “hard core” south, and your ongoing shock at the bigotry and racism…amazes me. I’d sure hate listening to that crappola, but I’d think the shock would wear off after a while…for emotional self-preservation. Walk away…who needs to hear that sh*.


Answer #35

mandyloo. you ask people what they think, then you want to fight. you say everyone has fredom of speech and then you want to slam people for what they say to your answer. Do you just want to talk or do you reallly want to know what other people would have done. If you are going to ask the question then be prepaired for the answer. Not everyone is going to agree with what you did. I would not make an a** out of myself by asking the question then fighting with eveyone who would have done something different then u. I have watched every question that you have asked. when someone does not agree with u. you want to tell them they are wrong. Like I said If you don’t want to hear the answer. THEN DON’TASK THE QUESTION.

Answer #36


That’s one of the main reason’s why I am FOR obama. I am Pro-Choice and I am glad that a president finally understand’s a woman’s rights. I am for legalizing small amounts of marijuana, billions of tax dollars are wasted on arresting ol’ bob over there with a dime bag, instead of out there cathing real criminals. I’m glad he understands that. I am for seperation of church and state, and am glad that he is one of the first presidents to understand what that means. I am for Gay Rights! He is willing to let each state decide on their own whether they should allow gays to marry, it’s about time a president is less judgemental. I’m am for Protecting the borders better and for his tax plan.

Answer #37

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, while they may not always be right. No has the right to say they’re wrong.

You made the right descision in walking away. Racism may be terrible and all, but if all the world didn’t have such terrible things, it would be a hellhole of perfection. I would have also walked away, forcing opinions on someone is rude no matter what the situation.

Because this is a place of free speech and I believe that he spoke his mind. Though I do of course have to disagree with his statements, because I think it is just wrong what some people believe. But then again, it’s only my opinion and no one is right.

Answer #38

Why be so rude. I was offended, and I reacted. I’ve already stated that it may not be the right decision, but when confronted in Wal-Mart by a racist stranger I feel I have the right to say what I want right back.

Also, I’ve said in a previous post the situation with my fiance, he is a skin-head, and I love him. We may not have the same views, but it doesn’t affect or relationship, and he doesn’t force them on me or on our child. So why find a new one. Please tell me.

Answer #39

if I didnt punch him in the face for being so rude I would have called him a racist bastard and said something like that what if mcCain was elected im sure you would be walking around with your stupid head up high a black mad was voted presedint, big deal get over it, were all human, we all bleed the same blood if you cant see that f*ck off… either way I would have been very rude to him, because I cant stand racist people

Answer #40

I’m glad you stood up for what you believe in. I think just stating we “don’t talk about politics” is enough. I’m sure he would’ve gave the racist comments either way. If your fiancee agrees with him let me tell you that you are going to be embarassed by him at any other time if you stay with him. So think about what your fiancee believes in and if you can live with shameful comments from him from time to time. Good luck, Good for you for standing up in what you believe, Mama K

Answer #41

I’ve already said numerous times in this post (not trying to be rude) that my fiance does not impose his beliefs on anyone. We have already talked about it, and he will not tell our child his beliefs. I want my son to grow up and make his own decision. I want him to decide what he wants to believe in, religion included. I would love him no matter what he decided, because he has the right to believe in what he wants.

Answer #42

I’ve had similar experiences. I have a very conventional appearance so people don’t have any idea that I’m a bleeding heart liberal. I guess I just look like a conservative good-old-boy. I’ve been talking to strangers who start on some tirade against feminists, Godless liberals, N*ers on welfare, etc. Boy to they get an earfull.

Answer #43

Told him things have changed since he was in his younger years. And that Obama has a black father and White mother and was raised by his White grandparents. Now what do you have to say? And then would have walked away. Or asked him what is fav. sports team was, Because what it ever the answer may have been I am sure 90% of the team would have been black. I like to make an a** out of people in a smooth way, then just walk away. I don’t let people like that get under my skin.

Answer #44

I would have told him quite calmly that I’m sorry he wasn’t raised with morals, then walked away.

He can’t offend you if you aren’t listening.

Answer #45

I probably would have reacted the same way, we all are entitled to our own opinions but that definatley is taking it way to far! That’s ridiculous, he could have at least found some one he somewhat knew or at least knew their opinion on the subject for that matter also he didn’t need to be so rude!

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