Why are rednecks so racist?

why are rednecks so racist against blacks, and at the same time they say that they love jesus?

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Racists come in all colors and many people make false claims.

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I am southern and currently live in tennessee and every time I see the rebel flag proudly displayed, I hang my head in shame. I have taken part in several movements to remove the rebel flag and to try to rename the nathan bedford forrest park. my parents marched with Dr. King, they worked for civil rights and they were southerners.
not all southerners want slavery. the enslavement of any person is wrong, has always been wrong, and always will be wrong.
believe me a racist doesn't hate just one race. usually religion and gender enters into to it also. someone is not JUST prejudiced against blacks, usually it's jews, muslims, asians, latinos, etc. also. Usually it is anyone who is different from them.
once you allow that type of hatred into your heart it is like opening pandora's box.

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TO EVERYONE: don't kill me if I'm wrong.

I think it was because long long ago in the civil war era, the south (redneck central) wanted there to be african slaves, but most of the north didn't . finally in december of 1865 the 13th amendment was enforced which stated that there could be no slavery, or any involuntary servitude, except if the person has been convicted of a crime. so basically, the south lost and they were angry. they started to lynch anyone that wasn't white. some southerners still thinks it's okay to have slaves, and they want it to legal.

it doesn't help that the KKK was started in tennessee, either.

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Rednecks are only racist towards certain types of black people. NOT ALL!!! there is a big difference. don't ask me, just trust me on that.

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What is wrong with the Confederate flag? Its a battle flag, and it stands for something but its NOT racism. No I don't know any people that want slavery and all of you are talking about how it is wrong to be prejudic and you are it your self. You don't like Rednecks so you are prejudic. The Confederate flag stands for soliders who died for their country and its just like the American flag. So should the American flag be taken down? NO so why should the Confederate flag? And I just want to know what you all know. What was the KKK orginally? It was a place where officers could get together to smoke cigars. Once the orginator died it died and it was brought back and it was changed. It wasn't orgianlly a racist group. Sounds like some people didn't pay attention in school.

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I'm with Amblessed on this one. Not all Southerners are racist (I know I'm sure not). Anyone can be racist and it's wrong to stereotype a group as all being racist.

That said, there are some white people who don't like blacks for various reasons. They often don't like Hispanics, Asians, or anyone else who is different either. These people talk about preserving the "purity" of the race. I think they are just afraid of how much the world has changed in the last two centuries and they think the future will have no place for their kids. That's really sad because such attitudes don't allow us to explore new cultures and grow as people. It's also frightening because a very few of them are willing to resort to violence at times to reinforce the status quo.

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Rednecks aren't racist to anyone. The person is but just because he is redneck dosen't mean they are racist. I am a Redneck and I in the Sons of Confederate veterans and I have family that fought for the south in the War of Northern Agression(civil war). The problem was the North attacked peaceful sovernt nation and caused a war. You are wrong and who ever told you that is wrong. The south was going to abolish slavery and it was in the process.

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but dont they both dislike each other?

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Rednecks disliking Black people? what are you talking about? I'm a redneck and I like them. . . . I even know some Black rednecks. . . .

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Locking this due to the discriminatory nature and severe generalizations.

Dara (aka editor)

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