What are some pros and cons of offshore drilling?

And where are they planning on doing it? Wasn’t Obama’s stance against it? Is he for it now?

Answer #1

Lol. The possibility of an oil spill is a con obviously. Some pros would be more jobs, more income of oil, and less expensive services.

Answer #2

Cons: Major Spill/Leak catastphies like the one we have in the gulf right now.

Pro’s: means of extracting much needed oil from ground to us moving, Making us more energy independent, and reducing the cost of fuel= better for the economy.

It would also be good to explore ways to reduce our consumption. We consume waaaay to much oil. We can do this by cutting down on plastic products, and by making engines that get better fuel mileage. The Detroit Diesel in the Truck I was driving only got 5 to 6 MPG depending on how heavy I was. incredible! There has to be some conspiracy crap going on there somewhere, LOL! Hope this was helpful. :)

Answer #3

There are Absolutely No Pros.

oil from the Hemp or Cannabis Plant is 1000 Times more efficient than Oil from within the Earth.

and it can be grown and Harvested year round on a regular Basis. Problem of the world solved.

Answer #4


-The United States needs to produce more of our own crude oil, so we are not so dependent on foreign imports.

-Americans Don’t outsource our energy supply to nations that hate us in the first place.

-with gas prices heading closer to $5 per gallon, the U.S. economy is growing more sluggish every single day. All Americans realize that a poor preforming economy means that few raises and potential job layoffs could happenif high gas prices continue to put pressure on Americans biggest job creator, small businesses.


-no one wants to be looking at an offshore oil rig when they go out to the beach on a sunny afternoon.

-there is a possibility that either through negligence or because of severe weather that an oil rig could start leaking crude oil into the ocean. Causing harm to surrounding beaches and wildlife that live there.

Answer #5

As to where he is planning on making offshore drilling sites, Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska.

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