Problems with the sun?

yeah a while back I heard this info on the sun having serious issues…wish I recalled more…I heard it was something along the lines that a load (hundreds) of international scientists grouped together trying to solve/figure out this “Issue” with the sun…

anyone here know more about this dilly yo?
(yes I know I dont recall much about this, that is why I am asking…dont be a donkey about it please)

Answer #1

In the 1970s and 1980s scientists noticed that the Sun didn’t seem to be producing as many neutrinos as it should. Neutrinos are chargeless particles that are so small that they pass through other matter all the time with little or no effect. While it takes heat and light about a million years to pass from the center of the sun to its surface neutrinos cover the same distance almost instantly. Neutrinos are a way of monitoring the Sun’s core since we can see its state instead of waiting for it’s effect to make it to the Sun’s surface. Scientists were seeing only 1/3 the number of neutrinos they expected. Some scientists theorized that the Sun was running out of Hydrogen and we were enjoying the Sun’s last million years of normal heat and light before it started to become a red giant.

Since then scientists discovered that there are 3 kinds of neutrinos and they were only detecting one variety. It turns out the Sun isn’t going out any time soon.

Answer #2

no, I dont think there was a problem with it, and if there is I dont know about it lol. maybe they are reffering to the thinning ozone layer? I don’t know, sorry. definitely sounds interesting. :D

Answer #3

yeah its the sun to blame for global warming/cooling not us and the councils make us recycle for somthing thats been happening for millions of years

Answer #4

You know, the Sun’s actually a dying star. So yeah, even though it’s nowhere NEAR the end of it’s life cycle (actually, it’s halfway through) When the Sun goes, it either becomes a supernova and fries us up and we…DIE, OR it becomes a black hole and sucks everything up and destroys it…and we DIE! I’ll leave you with THAT pretty thought.

Answer #5

then am a donkey!!!ha ah ah really don’t know about it

Answer #6

WOW. You know your stuff. cool.

Answer #7

then a donkey!!! really don’t know about it

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