what do you prefer a heat wave or a winter storm?

Answer #1

i choose winter storms. just because i hate to sweat.

Answer #2

Winter storms because I love cuddling with my BF and covering up in a warm blanket to keep warm. In a heat wave, you can’t really stay that cool, even if you go around naked you will still be hot. =[

Answer #3

Definitely winter storm because you can always warm up! its tough to cool down

Answer #4

yes very true.

Answer #5

agreed…hate the heat…rather it be freezing but be able to cover up rather then dye of heat because no matter what you do your always hot…take a shower, need another the sec your out. put the fan on still need to wet your face or once again take a shower…unless you have an ac…but the sec you shut it off bam another shower! :P

Answer #6

Exactly. Even with an AC, in a heat wave, it is still very hard to keep the rooms cool. Past couple of days, it was about 90 degrees here. We kept the AC on all day, and it was still hot in the house! Normally the AC keeps it cold in here, to where sometimes I cover up.

Answer #7

i know right…? its like wtf? we have the ac on so we can all sleep more comfortably…but i feel like as if it is off on heat…:P I guess that is when my dad lowers it & i am like ugh…ok add the fan here…:P

Answer #8

a storm . : D

Answer #9

Winter storm… When you’re cold you can bundle up… there’s only so many pieces of clothing you can take off before you get arrested. :P

Answer #10


Answer #11

lol storms arent supposed to be a good thing

Answer #12

some times they are

Answer #13

yea i guess but i live in hawaii so i dont get snow storms.

Answer #14

but they are so much fun when you are indoors & all snuggled up with some popcorn watching a good thriller or horror movie :P

Answer #15

your idea is ausumn temptress

Answer #16

they are cool wen you no it is not realee dangeriour but the thunder is loud

Answer #17

i guess

Answer #18

winter storm cause i love the winter and i can cuddle and not worry about if im musty

Answer #19

thnx steve

Answer #20

winter storm all the way. can’t stand the heat.

Answer #21

you,r welcome

Answer #22

Heat wave. I can go outside and swim in a heat wave. In the winter I have to stay inside and dress up like mad.

Answer #23

We don’t have aircons inside and it also gets around 90-95 degrees allthrough out summer. I still prefer it to anything cold. Summers is fun, winter is cold.

Answer #24

Deffinitely winter storm. Heat is just so.. BLAH

Answer #25

winter storm is better than a heat wave…

Answer #26

winter storm. even though im ALWAYS cold i hate it if im kinda hot

Answer #27

Winter storms(: Then school gets cancelled !(:

Answer #28

Winter storm. I like having snow fall on me here and there.

Answer #29

I’d take a heat wave. At least you can still drive to places without getting stuck in the snow.

Answer #30

I don’t really mind either way, my belief on weather is that is should either be warm enough to swim in an unheated pool or it must snow. anything in between is not cool

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