Snow storm!!!

=0 major snow storm coming are way tmrw!! They already cancelled skewl because last yr a bus of little children were stuck in snow and skewls didn’t let out til 11 at night !!! There tryna keep eryone safe and secure so they cancelled schools for tmrw! Anyone else expecting snow?!! Im excited :d heh suppost to b up to nine inches! Yowza!

Answer #1

I might not go to school tomorrow cause we are also expecting snow. I want it to snow bc I dont want to go to school tomorrow, but then I dont want a snow day because then it adds a day to the end of the school year

Answer #2

im getting a major snow storm. and I hope we have no school(:

Answer #3

Well, I obviously don’t live near you because it NEVER snows here. But it would be fun to have nine inches. Have fun! Im jealous

Answer #4

Where is the storm spoust to hit

Answer #5

I wish it snowed like that in Texas

Answer #6

prays for waffelhas snow day :D lol Well yaa they don’t eNt us to miss skewl but last yr this happened I was in skewl til ELEVEN AT NIGHT! I’m not even was a big deal so safety comes way before education

Answer #7

Yeah I’m here in Michigan and were supposed to get 10 in or something like that too =) they haven’t canceled school yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! I want to sleep in tmrw!!!


Answer #8

I’m in southern Wisconsin and it’s suppose to snow 7-12 inches tomorrow with ice and everything. I just finished my semester though so luckily I have no exams tomorrow!

Answer #9

I live in mn and when I was in school they wud never cancel, they wanted us to get our education! We wud get like one snow day a year.

Answer #10

Well I live in Rhode Island (southern new England) soo yaaa..Its a pritty big deal if they ALREADY cancelled schools a day before. They mainly cancelled tho because of the situation that happened last yr,there tryna prevent any of that happening. Its suppost to start noon time.

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