How to begin to potty train my two-year-old?

My son turned two last September and although some friends and family really think I should be pushing the potty training thing I don’t feel comfortable doing so and I’ve also read that pushing it too hard can delay the process. But my question is if anyone has any ideas [or former experiences] on how I could start introducing it to him without coming on too strong. Thanks! =]

Answer #1

I have two sons, my younger son is 3 we are still working on training. He is good during the day but still wears pull ups at night. it’s a slow process it doesn’t happen over night, don’t get frustrated. Remaining calm will help, remember accidents happen. Showing him that it’s a part of life, as afor mentioned but allowing him to see others use the rest room.

We went out and got a potty chair his size. The one we got converted into steps so when he got a bit bigger he could use the steps to use the “big potty” like everyone else and wash his hands.

We use motivational tools such as stickers, M&M’s (people say that we shouldn’t offer candy as a reward, but he hardly ever gets candy and now after about a year doesnt expect it) I never offered a handful, 1 M&M for peeing in the pottie and 2 M&M’s for pooping. The research I have read has stated not to worry if your child has probloms at night until 5-7. My older son had no probloms with getting up at night my younger son sleeps so soundly that he doesnt wake up. But to insure a dry pullup in the morning we moniter his liquid intake after 6 PM, and peeing before he goes to bed. When he started being dry in the day we gave up the pullups for underwear with his favorite heros on them. He would rather pee/poop in the pottie then have to give up his “cool underwear”.

When we where first starting we took him to the rest room about every half hour or so.let him try to go. With my older son I started to push him to be pottie trained he kind of revolted, so I eased off and let him stay in the watching stage for a few months. I think that part of pottie training is being in tune with your child, you will know when he is ready.

Lastly, you know your child best, don’t be bullied by friends and family.

Think about how nice it will be to not have to buy diapers. :)

Answer #2

put fruitloops in the toilet.. and make a game of him trying to get them while he pees. Also have him watch his dad pee.. have them go together. These are the things we did with my 2 sons.


Answer #3

I got my son to start going with a Peter Potty. It is a plastic stand up potty. HE likes it because it has a button he pushes and water runs down into the bowl. I got him to start using it by making him think that pushing it was a game and he could only push if he used it.

Answer #4

Get a potty chair for little kids, and sit it in front of your toilet. Whenever you go he will copy you and he will go to. This is how I taught my twins to use the toilet. Dont push him. He will do it when he is ready. Use praising words; good job, im proud of you, your a big boy! stuff like that, Tell him to go before you eat, before bed, when he wakes up, and before he gets in the shower. He will get the hang of it and start doing it on his own.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

Answer #5

Every child starts this process at different ages. Everything that I’ve read indicates that most children aren’t ready until the age of 3. Just as texaskimmie posted, not pushing it can sometimes delay the process. Even taking him to the bathroom to change diapers on a regular basis can start to teach that this is where this sort of thing happens. Then, maybe allowing your child to go into the bathroom to see how mommy goes potty. If you have a childs training potty that’s his or her size can help them not to be afraid of the big potty. With my children, everytime they went they could pick out a sticker to put on the lid. Not only will it give your child something to look forward to, but he/she can also see there progress with there own eyes. Again, good luck.

Answer #6

Well, when I worked in a daycare I worked with 1 years and 2 years old, but only one was potty trained. So when he had to go all the other kids wanted to watch. at first I thought it was weird, but after a while some of the other kids wanted to use the potty too. so maybe if you let him see that other kids use the potty he might be willing to give it a try. oh and one more thing don’t try to potty train him standing up at first. good luck

Answer #7

Well, not pushing it can delay the process too, obviously. One of the easiest ways is to let him be in the bathroom when daddy goes if possible. That way he sees how the big boys do it. ;) If the daddy is not around, I apologize. Another good way is to have incentives. Depending on what he likes if he goes like a big boy he can get a star or something, and after a few stars he gets a surprise. There are so many ways to do it, google it, see what comes up, and then just use the best one for your situation. Good luck.

Answer #8

its really hard to poop if your legs are dangling in the air

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