Poet- i will smile.

Sadness is not my beginning;
Happyness is not my ending;
But cry is were I started;
A Smile I planned before I ended.

Knowledge is the start of pain;
Which hard to get and harder to gain;
But when you know, the final is pride;
You will smile because, you know you survived.

Finaly, I speak in the tone of air;
Where a glimpse of light shine to my prays;
Hope and faith pour down to me;
Where It kills the lies and makes me smile.

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YEAAHHH!!! I've just gotten this poem in my head just seconds after the LONELY IN THE SOUND poem...THXXX>>>!!!

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That's a really great poem :]

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On the technical side of things you need to change the spelling to 'happiness' and the word 'smile' doesn't need a capital letter. Also in the third line it's 'where' not 'were' (sorry to sound like the spelling and grammar police).

I also think the line:
'But cry is were I started' could maybe sound better with
'But tears are where I started' - what do you think..?

I really like the second stanza, it's very good :)

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wow...I didnt realize my spelling but what can I do...Im just a human<-(obviously cover up)...but its a typing error..k...not my mistake except the happyness part... so sorry...

I dont agree much on 'tears'...bcause baby doesnt have tears yet...if im not mistaken, I think cry is better... THX...

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Ohh This is Cool. Have you ever Thought Of Becoming a Poet?

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