Why (Poets only. If you have written atleast one peom I count you)?

I need help. This is for all poets. I meanhow do you get a good poem at any time? I can only nake good poems when I’m sad or romantice. I need some advice so I would really like for your input.

Answer #1

I usually write good poems when I let my emotions flow into them. How ever, there has been times when I just had a thought and wrote about it(though I’ve inserted emotion into it, the write wasn’t ruled by a personal emotion). You don’t always need motivation, or even a feel for it. Just a thought. I’ve seen poets write amazing poems without incorporating any emotion into it at all(usually males, I’ve yet to see a female poet be able to do it and have it half as good). It’s just the way you write it. How it’s described, how it’s conveyed. They way about doing it. It’s a bit hard to explain. Perhaps go to devaintart.com ant scan through some poems written by males and females, and see how they do it, just look at it, absorb it. I highly recommend ScarletLetters and nyxiathewarrior (neither are mine btw, just thought I should throw that out there before someone thinks I’m on a high horse). Then compare it with other poets. Then look at what you do(don’t compare yourself to other poets on how good you are, just look at how you write it, the style) and get a good feel for what you do, then harness it and make it better. That’s about all I can say other than practice.

If you can, participate in a poet’s chatroom or something. At least once a week I go to a poetry chatroom on AOL(you can also go to it if you have AIM), it’s called PTG. What we do is “poetry tag”. Who ever goes first is tagged with a topic, they’ll write about the topic after being tagged then tag someone else with another topic, ect. It defiantly helps, and it’s fun ^_^ Perhaps you can get together with a group of friends and try it.

Answer #2

I just write… I let out whatever I need to. Almost everything can be a poem. If you try. Its a thought, its a poem its a sound, its a poem its a word, its a poem Its a smell, its a poem :) hope I helped

Answer #3

I typically write about any mood I am feeling. Even if I am blank, I write about that. Or sometimes I will find items in a room, and look at them as though they are simple, but then I really look more in depth of them. Kind of like the person above, apples for instance.

Answer #4

free flowing thoughts basically are what make you a poet . be able to write down your thoughts and project your feelings into poetry are what makes poems exquisite to me =)

Answer #5

well, for me, I just write whatever comes to mind.. one time I wrote about an apple, and how the seeds produce more apples, yet they all don;t taste the same.. just write about whatever you want, don’t force urself to write about a subject, it should be a natural flow (:

Answer #6

you need some sort of inspiration (I believe) to get a good poem going. poems arent always about emotions. I have written quite afew and won competitions with them, they can be informitive maybe about a really old building with a lot of history, even about something you just see in front of you. you could always try going to different places such as a beach or forest or just somewhere with a really good view!

Answer #7

Think about your past, if it was good or not, also you can write about your mood

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