What colour should I paint my room?

what colour should I paint my room? I am 14 years old and my room hasn’t been changed for a long time it’s white and dull I love colours…red purple blue green pink but I don’t know what colour is the best please help what are the best combinations?

Answer #1

I just painted my daughters room bright pink,also known as cerise pink.I have used black accessories and it looks stunning.

Answer #2

I think you should paint a colour thats… you, if you get what I mean, I would pick blue but thats just because its my fav colour lol!

Answer #3

ummm. I dunno, depends on you really. But as for me, I’d go with a bright yellow, or a maroon color, or even a light sky blue to set a more relaxing calm mood. =p

Answer #4

I just resently paintes my room. And now two of my walls are sort of a creemy white (not like totally office white9 and the two others a a dark purple/chocolate color. I LOVE IT!

Answer #5

In the end, the colour you paint your room is your choice. But I would probably suggest softer colours, otherwise the room may look too bold and you might end up sick of the colour within a short time. Also, if you choose a softer colour, you could keep it like that as you get older and more mature. And it won’t clash horribly with your furniture, curtains or bedsheets.

Answer #6

When you have a blank slate its hard to know where to start but here is some advice… the experts tell you to use a warm color with north or east facing rooms, and a cool color with south or west facing rooms. So that will narrow it down for you a bit – For north or east, pick warm shades - reds, oranges, yellows. For south or west, cool the room down with blues and greens. Purple can fall into either category, depending on how much red or blue is in the mix.

Once you’ve decided on warm or cool, try to come up with a color palette. This really depends on personal taste.

Monochromatic – all different hues of one color - eg. dark blue, light blue, white…

Harmonization - related colors, e.g. orange and yellow

Contrast - opposite colors.. peach and blue, yellow and purple

The good news is, paint is cheap. If you choose a color that you hate, just do it again :) and have fun at the same time. Its fun to pick up paint samples and try to imagine. One word of advice, if it looks good to you on a paint chip sample that measures 1 inch by 2 inches, try going 2 shades lighter. Small samples look a LOT brighter once you cover a whole wall with the color.

Answer #7

I have the exact same situation, im 14 and have a dull room and love color too. what I was thinking of doing was painting each wall a different color, because I could never choose. hope this helps. :)

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