What is a good colour to paint an older teenagers room (18)?

I’m helping a friend pick a mature colour to paint her room, because she hasn’t had it re done since she was 11 so it’s really younge looking. She wants to do it light blue and brown, but I think shed get sick of the after awhile, any suggestions? She wants a mature, older (but not to much of an adult) room. Thanks , EVERY answer helps :)

Answer #1

I really like grown and lime green together

Answer #2

I would pick white with her fave color as poka dots?

Answer #3

Your friend can go for a light green,pink,yellow,or baby blue,and that will be a excellent colour for a Older Teenage girls room.

Answer #4

I have a light green color in my room. It almost matches the NOTICE bar at the top of this website. I’ve had it for about seven years, and I still like it. Very calm and subtle, and it’s good background for my posters and pictures.

Answer #5

she could paint her room white, and put one blue stripe about 5cm thick around the top of each wall. then get a duvet to match, and brown pillows.

I think she will get bored of it easily. this way, the blue stripe isnt ‘in ya face’ all the time, and it is easily painted over if she REALLY hates it.

the duvet and pillows in the blue/brown theme will brighten up the room with the colours she wants and are easily changed in 5 mins if she dosent want them anymore!

if she has any furniture in her room (bookshelf, desk…) that can be painted, you could paint them blue/brown to match.

Answer #6

mature = wallpaper :p

forget paint its the stuff you use to decorate yout toilet/bathroom if you cant tile ;)

doing teh bottom 1 color and teh top a second color seems to be the norm but dont do it 50/50.. id go for a 1m up from floor and cover the gap with a stick on boarder..

shes 18, how much longer is she planning to stay at home?

the reason I ask this is because if its till her mid 20s then id replace the cheap, sticky boarder with wood and id grain it ;)

another good thing is (and I saw this on a decorating programme) is to cover the whole wall in white then get a sponge and lightly dab a watered down 2nd color all over it I think its give a nice 3d effect :S so white and a watered down light blue would look a lil like the sky ;) or you could do white over blue…

my mate did his whole living room in a very very light brown and sponged dabbed all over in white and it looked like expensive wood after and very very nice..

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