Is a nikon d40 a good first camra since im a beginner

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Hello! No, the D40 is not a good first camera! Too expensive! You are much better off with one of Nikon's CoolPix cameras. The one I like really well is Model L100. It is easily half the price of the D40, looks like an SLR, has a good zoom lense on it, is a 10 MegaPixel camera, the D40 definitely isn't, and you can shoot rapid fire pictures if you choose, especially nice if you are shooting a lot of action pictures, and you like to see the imahe in stages. This camera should keep you happy for quite a long time, plus it is good enough that when you want to jump up to the D Series SLR's, it is still a great camera to keep around for miscellaneous use. And, by the way, When you are actuallt ready to move to the D Series, you will want something better than the D40! By the way, making the Nikon as a choice in general for cameras is very intelligent. Good Luck & Have Fun! Don

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No, I think you should go for a simpler Nikon camera (: (one of those small ones, but are good)

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I'm in advanced photography in college and I have the Canon Rebel xsi which is the equivalent of the Nikon D40. Its a very upscale camera which will last you a long time if you have the money to pay for it but you also need to have the experience and know what you are doing with a camera that powerful. If you are just a beginner try some of the cheaper Nikons

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