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I want too be invloved in photography I lovee it and itss a passion of mine I need a great camera thatt isnt too expenive what kind of cameras are there thatt are greaatt?

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the cheapest way to do photography properly on a budget would be to buy a 2nd hand camera off ebay or something and go to a night school on photography. good luck x

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my mom got me a kodak camera for my bday and it only costed her bout 50$ and it words really good and has a screen thingy on the back and a camera, and things where you can choose if its a person running or if it a close up or children. so yeah

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nikon or canon is the best way to go. if your really into photography get a digital slr camera like the nikon D60. I have the nikon D90 and it is great!!! but if your a beginner dont go with something expensive. my dad taught be to work with black and white before you work with digital because physically doing it is way more fun and you can do more. I have posted pictures on the internet for people to rate and my black and white won by 87%... you can also make money from them... thats how I came up with the money to buy the nikon D60. costed me $1,400 and I dont regret spending 1 pcent on it.

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thankss guyss!

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you want a point and shoot camera
there some cheap SLR cameras for begginers like nikons D40 for about $400

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