What are some useful tips for photography/ editing?

also what are some good editing programs other than picnik, phixer, and photoshop?

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photoscape. my gf uses it nd she reckons its heaps good

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Gimp is really nice, and it's free.

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theres a program called paint.NET (paint-dot-net)
its a free program that my school gave to everyone, i believe its downloadable off the internet

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To be honest, i suggest you invest in Photoshop.
I've going to get my bachelor's degree for Graphic Design & Film editing, & the best program I've used is Photoshop. No other programs come close to it.

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i second Irene..
i'm not going for a degree or anything, but photoshop is definitely the best program on the market in my opinion
the only barrier is the hefty price

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Aperture for mac is good as well

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i use psp9 paint shop pro 9 and it does everything all the top rated stuff does but it does it better.

i know cus i have adobe cs4 and photoshop elements and both are crap.

tips:... take you time, learn from your mistakes and edit again as necessary and always remember to save before each and every edit.

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