What cameras are good for photography?

i have a Vivitar ViviCam X327 HD and i take some pics with that (but just as a beginner) what are great photography cameras and their price range?


Answer #1

nikon cameras are good, its professionals, but its expensive.

Answer #2

i have a professional camera from walmart i got it for like $600+ and it works really well, im pretty sure its a nikon D300 and i love it :) i hope this helps!

Answer #3

My sister is getting into photography, she’s very good and knows a lot about cameras. She has a Nikon D70 which is one of the best. Nikons are a fantastic brand but can get a bit pricey- see if you can find one on ebay! Canons are also good. What kind of photography do you like? (Landscapes, up close, sports/fast motion etc etc etc) what you like to photograph will help you decide on a lens. Different lenses for different kinds of photos. It’s the lens that actually costs a lot. The lens will be like $900 whereas the actual ‘camera’ will only be like $100…

Answer #4

To be honest, Vivitar’s are crap. I bought one, that was 10.2 megapixels (which is supposed to take decent quality photos). However, it took blurry, grainy looking photos and was NOT a good camera at all. This was not one of the “cheap” Vivitar’s for $10 or $20 either.

I would NOT recommend a Vivitar for any photo taking, not even just to mess around with. I’ve seen cameras made for children that work better that a Vivitar.

Right now, I have a Kodak EasyShare M340, which cost around the same price as I paid for the Vivitar, and it works a million times better. It’s the same megapixels (10.2) yet, it works perfect. What does that tell you?

Pretty much, anything that is $60 or more, and that has AT LEAST 10 megapixels… and is not a Vivitar will work great for a beginner.

Answer #5

i wanna do landscape photography and maybe some of just random people lol weird i guess. i’m moving to california in 4 days and want to take some photos of the beach. i like black and white photos too. just something to start out on (:

Answer #6

Any SLR Cameras… They’re expensive I have a nikon one that was supposed to be $600, but I got mine on sale at sears for $300… Just look out for good deals on them.

Answer #7

Mine is canon. it is the best ever …that I have :-D

Answer #8

Cool, I’ll get my sister to comment for you, she knows a lot…..

Answer #9

Personally, I prefer Nikon to Cannon, but neither are exactly ‘better’. They are both good cameras. Pentax are pretty good, too- it depends on your price range and what level camera you are wanting (entry level, beginner, pro). You may want to find places that stock the lenses to whatever brand of camera you are looking at, because in some countries it is harder to buy lenses than in others. For instance, I have a Nikon D70 (and I love it to bits!) but in New Zealand, it is harder to find Nikon lenses- and the ones I’ve found are quite expensive. Remember to take every aspect into consideration.If you are wanting to do photography for a while, I’d suggest investing in a good camera, because you will have it for a while. Invest in a good lens, too, because the are worth more than the body- opt for a twin lens kit because as you get better in photography, you will be upgrading the body, but you’d keep the lenses. A good camera can range from $700-3000. If you are paying more than that, chances are, the camera is a ‘cheap’ professional camera. This is not what you want (unless that is what you are after) but by the sounds of things, I’d assume you want a good DSLR, that isn’t too flash. And remember- you need to buy a case for your camera when you get it because if any damage is done to the lens, it can’t be repaired.

Answer #10

That’s her, Grace ^

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