Is it normal for a vegetarian to crave meat?

I have been vegetarian for over 10 yrs and this past week I have been wanting meat, is there a reason for it?

Answer #1

maybe your tired of being a vegetarian!? meat is yummy…esp steaks…:)

Answer #2

I used to eat Dominican Ribeye steaks mmmmmmm they were the best, I wud go back to eatin meat but it always made me so tired after I ate :-(

Answer #3

so…its yummy!

Answer #4

I used to think so, I forget wat it actually tastes like

Answer #5

mmm, yummy steak with wine & seasonings

Answer #6

The wine snds good lol

Answer #7

Yeah I have a friend that is a vegetarian but she craves meat all the time.

Answer #8

it is when I cook the steak in it with roasted potatoes :)

Answer #9

Wow congradulations!!! I don’t think i could go without eating meat, even though I hate that they have to kill animals for it…I know kinda hipocratical

Answer #10

Thx and its not really hard, once u get used to eat, I still eat chicken and fish :-)

Answer #11

Yea it is normal because our bodies were made to eat meat and we need the protein and vitamins from it that’s why its more common to find a meat eater then a vegetarian, the way we get meat isn’t good but really its the circle of life. It’s your choice whether you continue to be a vegetarian or not. and also i would like to congratulate you for your 10 years. and as well you ever though about have fake meat its looks and taste really good and got some of the stuff in it that your body needs but its not meal, so u would still be a vegetarian if you eat it

Answer #12

Thx and thx for the tip :-)

Answer #13

your welcomez :3

Answer #14

oh ok thats good, but then mmmm ribs and steak!!!! idk how you do it!!!

Answer #15

uhm probably just cause you havnt it in such a long time, but uhm you should get over it give it some time think of another food you love think about how good it would taste and you’ll start craving that instead :) i hopee

Answer #16

Lately I have been wondering the same thing, I was craving fish the other day and recently chicken too! I figured it is probably just that my diet is a bit crazy right now and I’m not eating properly because I’m so busy. Maybe if you come up with some different meals then the cravings will go away.

Answer #17

curiosity is a normal human nature same as wanting to try something new like meat

Answer #18

Your body could possibly need something from meat like iron.Try speaking with a nutionist and they could help you with certain types of vitamins to replace meat if your that against eating it.

Answer #19

When can you come cook for me?

Answer #20

That sounds sooooo good!

Answer #21

Dark angelus…I can teach you to cook it for yourself… Brooke same goes for you! :)

Answer #22

If there’s anything I don’t need it’s cooking lessons. I cook myself, create my own recipes, and serve women food that would make them want to marry me just so I can cook for them every night!!! (And that’s not wishful thinking. I’ve been told how much I am desirable just by my culinary skills.) Heck, I know someone who would probably kill just to taste my patented BBQ/Fried chicken!

Answer #23

One thing I found when after being a vegetarian for a while was that going back and eating the foods I used to love that they really didn’t taste like I remembered them. I used to love shrimp. After years of not eating them, shrimp were just ok; nothing like I remembered them. Same thing with fried chicken; use to love it but after years away it just didn’t taste nearly as good. Over time tastes change. When I was a meat eater I was very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I didn’t like most vegetables, didn’t eat grains outside of bread for sandwiches or much fruit. After becoming a vegetarian I started to love things I used to hate like salad, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. When you start eating healthier you develop a taste for the new foods and earlier favorites are less satisfying. If you really crave it that much you might try it; don’t be surprised if it doesn’t satisfy you as much as it used to though.

Answer #24

We really do not need meat. While humans are omnivores physiologically we are much closer to herbivores than carnivores. Being able to eat meat has helped mankind survive and flourish in many different environments but our physiology points to man eating mostly plants for most of our evolutionary history. There is plenty of protein in plants; no problem there. B12 is the hardest nutrient to keep up with on a pure vegan diet but people who occasionally eat eggs or milk usually have nothing to worry about. Most of the people with B12 anemia are meat eaters who lack the enzyme to allow them to process it. I do agree that fake meats are really amazing. When I first became a vegetarian 30 years ago the fake meats were awful! When my vegetarian step-daughter kept getting Morningstar Farms Chick patties I tried on and was amazed that it was actually good.

Answer #25

That would be great! :)

Answer #26

Maybe you have insufficient nutrition in some way. And this is your bodys way of telling you to get what you need.

Answer #27

yeh I guess your right. about not needing to eat meat and that their are substitutes for it but they arn’t quite filling with what meat gives. but im sure with plently of experinace you will over come the craving

Answer #28

well then I guess that is settled Dark Angelus, you dont need me to cook for you, you can make anything yourself! Brooke, anytime just funmail me. ;)

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