How normal is it for a sister to let her brother see her naked?

I've got a friend who apparently lets her slightly older brother see her naked when is like in the bathroom or changing clothes and she thinks its normal, so I decided to make this question on here to show her that it really isn't normal. Do you know anyone else who does this?!

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well if she does it on purpose toshow him what she looks like naked then absolutely not, but if she was changing and he just walked in on her then well its not THAT abnormal

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Actually every family has different ways of raising their children, there are plenty of families that are comfortable with nudity and walk around naked or are nudists and its not thought to be abnormal or wrong. If shes doing it to tease her brother or trying to turn him on then its abnormal.

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some people are just more comfortable with nudity than others. For alot of people its just not that big a deal. No one thinks anything of seeing their siblings naked when they are little kids and for some people that just carries on into later life whereas other people decide its strange. I cant say my family walked around naked but if it was really cold in the mornings we would get dresses in the living room by the fire etc and it wasnt strange at all

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Just to clarify
She doesn't do it on purpose or says she doesn't, but its not as if he walks in on her. He could be in her room and she will just change, or she will have a shower while he is brushing his teeth or she will go in his room wearing her undies. Its not as if he does the same thing(its not like they walk around naked in the house or something like that)

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When children get older it is inappropriate and illegal for them to share a bedroom for many reason. It is not a good idea for her to allow him to see her naked, in the shower or even in her undies. We need to establish boundaries in our lives. So on many levels this should be discouraged. It is normal for the brother to get aroused when seeing a girl naked, even his sister. Having any sexual contact with a sibling is illegal and not normal but when boundaries have not been established it can be thought of as okay. So for many reason this is an unhealthy situation.
Good luck

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it depends if its intentional or just accidentaly walking in on her. my younger brother has accidentaly walked in on me changing before. he just closed the door, left, and forgot it happened. if its just an accident than its normal-ish cause that happens to almost every one. but if its on purpose than thats kind of weird.

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Most of my sisters walk from room to room in almost nothing, and for me its stranger for someone to actually want to see my sisters naked. when we were younger and my mom was at work, my sisters would strip down in the family room so I wouldent want to use the tv.

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its up to her if she want him to but they should probly have sex in the future

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I agree, each family is different and the relationship of the siblings is probably the most important criteria as to if the nudity is acceptable. In my own case I was always nude around the pool and after my dad died my sister started to swim nude as well. I was 13 and she was 15. My mom said it was okay with her if we did not mind as we were family. When I was a freshman in college I went out with a girl that had a 12 year old brother. When I started to date her I remember being in the living room talking with her father while waiting for her to finish showering so we could go out. Well as I was talking to him and her older brother she came out of the bathroom with only a towel around her head and called to me that she would be right out. Both her father and I turned and said hello to her. He was not shocked at seeing her nude so this must have been a common occurrence? There were lots of times I would be over after we both got off of work and she would take a shower and walk to her room to get in her pj's so we could watch tv before I went back to campus.She always left the door open and there were lots of times her brother would come into her room and talk to her while she was nude and neither mad a big deal about her nudity. Once we were watching him while her parents were out and he was taking a bath before bedtime, well he was in the bathroom for over 1/2 hr and my girlfriend called to him and he did not answer. Thinking something was wrong we both went to the bathroom and she opened the door and he was playing with a submarine he had in the tub.Well my girlfriend yelled at him to get out and it was time for bed. He just stood up and she threw him a towel and grabbed another one and went in and started to dry him off. I noticed as he was standing there that he was hard and she just matter of factly dried him off with the towel (yes talley wacker and all) and then held his pj bottoms up for him to step into and pulled them up over his member and sent him to bed. When I discussed this with her and the fact that he always came in when she was nude after taking a bath. She replied that he was at that stage that he was just curious about the female body and the er*ction was something that happens to him all of the time(so I know this was not the first time), she went on that it was no big deal for either of them as they were family and he was her little brother. It just goes to show that it depends on the people involved and the way they are brought up and their comfort with each other.

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Dunno, I have 3 sisters and they go from the bathroom to their bedrooms naked, been doing it like forever. I've seen them so many times that it doesn't phase me.

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