Being naked around your brother?

ok me and my brother share a room and ill be changing and he'll walk in..what should I do? kick him out? turn my back? or just let him be in his room. I mean hes my brother is it really a big deal? hes a year younger than me and hes always been like my bestfriend..I just wonder if this is something where I should drwa the line and kick him out of our room so I can change..

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uh lock the door when you get dressed or dress in the bathroom, its what I do

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I really don't think it's appropriate for you two to be sharing a room at your age.

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I would warn him before changing, so he knows not to just barge in. If it makes you uncomfortable, there is no reason why you should have to put up with it. You should also try to get your parents to give you your own room, because sharing a room with the opposite gender past a certain age really is illegal in many states.

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tell him to get out

ya hes your bro but hes still a guy

I kinda had the same prob my dad had his
closet in my room

and he would just walk in and I would be changing
it was embarrissing I thought
so he moved his closet in his room

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I was changing in my room and my brother is grounded so he cant watch tv in his room .So he comes in to watch tv and im naked .I yell at him to get out and he just stands their in the doorway and then he go and tells my mom im being a jerk and I tell her what happend and she calls me a jerk too. do use that to answer your problems!

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It sounds like you're more worried about what other people think than about your brother seeing you naked. How do you feel about seeing your brother naked? Obviously your parents aren't concerned about it or they wouldn't let the two of you sleep in the same room. If it bothered your brother to see you naked he'd leave on his own. I'd say he is curious about the female body and wants to see yours to satisfy his curiosity. I had a similar situation with my older sister and she we even examined and touched each others "parts". It's quite common for brother and sisters to do this sort of thing and doesn't do any permanant harm as long as both are willing. It's just natural quriosity. Kids grow out of that stage and your brother will too.

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Tell him to leave for a few minutes. It's not like you're kicking him out for good. And yes, it is a big deal. I know a lot about the phyche and he could develope some issues by seeing his sister naked. With her allowing it, anyway. If you allow it, then 1: He'll think it's fine to look at your sister naked. 2: He could develope sexual feelings towards you.
And I don't think you want that at all. So, yeah, just tell him to leave for a few minutes.

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Either not in the room or a curtain/partition where you have privacy.

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joejoe that has to be the weirdest advice ever
Aside from being incrdibly weird, it is totally perverted and a definite line siblings should not cross

butterflygirl if your parents are that cruel they won't give you your own room then take charge and tell your brother to knock before you enter the room

It is NOT normal to be naked around your brother, unless you are nudists and even then it must be uncomfortable at the best of times

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Well luckily in the UK its illegal to share a room with a brother that age
You're probably in America though so the best thing to do is say you need your own space

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this is very serious issue in india,even it is happen unfortunatly that also not acceptable,if you leave this thing one day he will get sexual affection no you. so take require action

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Also, depending on where you're from it's probably illegal for you to share a room, when the older sibling turns 10 in England they are no longer allowed to share a room (obviously only if it's a boy and a girl) so you may actually be breaking the law by sharing a room with him, sorry :-S

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do wateva feels best 4 you if you dont mind him seeing you naked let him but if not get changed in the bathroom. I dont have a brother so I dont know how it feels

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nudity does not equal sex. there different. he's you're brother. If he's like you're best friend then I think you relax and not worry about it. You're just changing you're clothes, that's it. there's nuthing wrong with nudity. If he doesn't get sexual feelings for you if you let him in you're room while you're changing then fine, but if he does, then kick him out but it sounds to me like you have a very good relationship and he wouldn't so hey just relax and don't mind it. you're not doing anything sexual so who cares? hope this helps :)

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Just as he walks in, tell him to get out for a second while you change. Its weird having a younger brother seeing his older sister naked..bleh.

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Look I am 33 and my family had no shame in walking around in the skives. Not flat out naked, but it is still not a big deal, I would say the comfort level is up to you. You need to make the call and you need to respect eachother's space in the one bedroom. Maybe lock the door or go to the bathroom to change.

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