What age should a boy stop seeing his older sister in the bath?

I'm 16 and my brother is 11.. he still comes into the bathroom while I'm in the bath, and I find it disgusting to be honest
Do you think it's inappropriate? If so, what age should a boy stop doing this?

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Yeah that's inappropriate. I think it shud stop bout age 5 for both boy and girl

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I would say it's inappropriate. I take it you don't have a lock on the door? We didn't in our old house. I would tell him or get your parents to tell him that when you're in the bath, he doesn't come in. I agree with up2nogood and say about 5-6ish.

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Even if it were still age appropriate for him (which it is not), it wouldn't matter. The fact that you have now begun to find it disgusting is enough to make it no longer acceptable.

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i would say its a little inappropriate now..you should tell your parents and or tell him not..but if hes just walking in on you to get something or use the toilet its still wrong but not as bad.its reallly bad if hes coming in and looking at you completely naked and just watches

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It's to use the toilet most of the time.. I've told him not to, and my mum says to let him -.-

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well then i dont think its the big of a deal.you are family..but if he was looking at you then that is wrong.but if it makes your that uncomfortable i would just yell at him:)

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should not look @ naked females when he starts to realize things, maybe 3-4 years old

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There is no specific age. There is no reason for someone to be embarrassed if a family member of either gender sees them naked. Teens, especially girls, usually become self-conscious about their bodies after puberty when they sexually mature. If it bothers you that in itself is sufficient reason for your little brother to give you privacy.

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My brother still see's me in the bath sometimes, or changing. It's no big deal to me.

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I guess it depends on the individual. My brother and me share a bathroom, it is between our bedrooms. He is a year and a half younger than me, and we have lived here our entire lives. He sometimes comes in to get ready for school while I am taking a bath, and it does not bother me because he is my brother. We even talk sometimes while I am bathing or changing.

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