What are some of the nicest places for a American "US" to retire outside of North America?

I am looking for somewhere that is warm year round, not cost prohibitive,and friendly to North Americans?

Answer #1

I like Jamaca

Answer #2

I love Jamaica, but I have heard that as far as retirement Panama is safer and cheaper.

Answer #3

spain, jamaca, domestic republic, hawii, some say mexico but im not to sure about that one

Answer #4

What about somewhere in South America? Brazil, Chile, Uruguay…warm climates, beaches…I don’t know if you could ever find a place that’s completely friendly to North Americans, though ;)

Answer #5

florida? cape cod?

Answer #6

Well if you have ever been to Hawaii you would find the cost of living is very high. Spain may be to far from my kids, I was thinking more central, or South America. Mexico, you are right, I would really like to hang onto my head at the time. I am going to travel to either the Dominican Republic or Columbia this coming summer. My brother n law loves Columbia.

Answer #7

That is in country.

Answer #8

Have you been there, do you have first hand experience.

Answer #9

Nope-I’ve only been to Europe, but if you’re looking for warm climates you probably don’t want my advice on that :p

Answer #10

I lived in Honduras for 2 years, and while people told me it was very dangerous, I never had any trouble. The cost of living was very nice, for a $1K a month I had a very nice house, with a maid and yard guy. I ate like a king, and they had some very nice beaches. I am looking for somewhere a little more advanced then Honduras, with better medical facilitates.

Answer #11

I lived in Germany as well, this is a very nice country, “love the autobahn”. But you are right it is cold, and causes me much joint pain, and it is very expensive.

Answer #12

Guys, I have done a lot of research on this and am looking for first hand knowledge.

Answer #13

Australia’s boss :)

Answer #14

Way to far, that is on the other side of the world, I still want to see my boys every now and then.

Answer #15

This video sucked, but he has some valid points.

Answer #16

Italy is gorgeous, The Island of Elba in Portoferraio specifically. It had a tropical feel to it. Thats really the only place I have personal experience with, and yes they do treat americans well there, just depends on where in each country your planning on staying.

Answer #17

South Africa, we have warm weather all year round and we do not hate Americans :)

Answer #18

Italy is great but I want to be closer to my kids when I retire, that is across the ocean, I have been looking at central and south America, but have only been to Panama, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Nicaragua.

Answer #19

Yes I know I have some good friends here that are from Africa, but this is to far from the US.

Answer #20

I wish I had gone to Germany. I’ve always wanted to get on the Autobahn..

Answer #21

It is great, but I have yet to see a answer for my question. LOL

Answer #22

Australia, beautiful beaches, beautiful people and beautiful foods. :-P

Answer #23

Samantha, Australia is so far from the US, and the cost of living is not that great.

Answer #24

It’s only 14 hours on a plane give or take a few more hours. :) The cost of living is high because as a nation we are all doing very well financially. For retirees the slow pace over here is ideal. Nothing exciting or major ever happens DownUnder.

Answer #25

Well I got to have everything a retiree need, beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery “Girls, LOL”, a few less sharks than you have at the beaches, and a 2 to 3 hour plane flight have or 6 to 8 days by boat. PS: We ain’t old and we love to party.

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