Where is the nicest place to visit in America?

Hey guys im a 16 year old school girl who lives in Scotland. its alright yano, nice people here but its not really my scene! id loveee to visit America and possibly move there when I finish school can anyone give my advice on the nicest places to go see? where has nice people, night clubs and beaches! my uncle recently moved to Georgia and he loves it also.. I dont want to not fit in do americans like scottish people? I dont want a hard time over there.

thanks guys x

Answer #1

Texas!! We have the most easy goin people here… anywhere south actually is real nice. Up north… there are a bunch of old farts… They’re pretty hateful… so think southern… Texas has beaches… but… they aint nothin like california and floridas… I live in texas… we could become friends!

Answer #2

The nicest city in America that you will ever find is Chicago– the Windy City. All mid-westerners are warm, caring, good values, and love people. We would be more than happy to have a Scots in our city and in our country. Welcome to America!

P.S.— Americans love Scottish people. Please come and visit, and perhaps live here.

Answer #3

Michigan is nice. there are no “old farts” really haha. and we have the great lakes and theme parks and many other lakes and bars. malls. its all fun here. Oh, and scottish people are cool : ] haha

Answer #4

Cities are great places to go if you’re looking for lots of stuff to do. However, if you want to see the truly beautiful side to America.. I would suggest looking at the countryside in Pennsylvania, for example. PA is definitely the most beautiful state I’ve ever been to. Colorado is also wonderful.

Answer #5

haileybre…”Up north… there are a bunch of old farts… They’re pretty hateful… so think southern… “

Now, that’s a little hypocritical, don’t you think?

I would say definitely move to northern California. I live in Los Angeles but every time I’ve gone up there it is always SO beautiful. Truly a place to die for. Especially anywhere near San Francisco and farther north.

Answer #6

On the East coast I really enjoyed Bar Harbor Maine. On the West coast I had a good time in Monterey California. Another fun place is South Padre Island Texas; I don’t think much of the restaurants on S. Padre Island but the beach is great and the bars are fun.

Answer #7

Humboldt County California. It is where the giant redwoods meet the ocean at the foothills of the sierra nevada mountains. Nothing like it in th WORLD

Answer #8

go to florida, if you like hot weather and there’s Disney world of course, go to New York if youre into the city life and people everywhere, go to Texas if your into the country life and enjoy the bigger things in life, go to Michigan (where I live) if your looking for crazy weather,

I’d rather go to Florida again, it was really fun there, and I like the hot weather. and I’ve never been to Texas nor have I been to New York, but I just have to go by what I hear.

Answer #9

devils bay florida

Answer #10

Speaking of Pensylvania, Lancaster county is a nice visit. There are a lot of Amish and Mennonites here which gives it a very peaceful and bucolic feel.

Answer #11

My friend lives in Colorado and I look up in the internet about Colorado and it seems pretty their. preserve parks, snow, mountain, skeeing ect. No beaches thought. lol South Texas is pretty good becoming diverse in away. I’ve seen blacks,Indians,Asians,whites,hispanics,mexicans,european,ect.South Padre is ok at times, Corpus Christy is pretty good too.

Answer #12

I say Florida, or California would be nice to go to

Answer #13

I’ve lived in the North and I’ve lived in the South. There are nice and not nice people everywhere.

Answer #14

new york i love new york city its sooo pretty espescially at night its so fun and there is always something to do

Answer #15

thanks guys x

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