What are good places to move in the US?

Ok well soon I will b moving out and living with my boyfriend but I don’t know where I want 2 move 2 I want it 2 be in between me and my boyfriend,s place cause he lives in Arkansas and I live in NH but I all so want 2 live some where theres very little crime and no hurricane’s tornado’s monsoons cyclones twisters or any of that kinda stuff now where I live theres none of that the worst that could happen is we could get snowed in but that has like never happened here sense I have been here any way I can live with out bing in the middle but I can’t live with out bing some where safe so any of you know good places 2 live ? o and P.S.I can’t just stay here cause I need 2 leave this place it,s crap a bad place 2 raze kids and my boyfriend doesn’t want2 live here any way he says where he lives is good but don’t want2 be 2 far from my mom and other fam

Answer #1

You should move to western Massachusetts. Several cities there were ranked in the top 100 safest cities in America. You won’t have many natural disasters there, although you will have snow.

Answer #2

I’m not running from any 1 I don’t mind 2 live in NH I just don’t 2 live where I am at In NH and my boyfriend wants 2 b near his fam and I want 2 b near mine 2 most my fam is in Manchester and then some in Mass and then some in Puerto Rico but most of is is in Arkansas and some in London

Answer #3

new jersey :D

Answer #4

well I want 2 b near my parents cause my dad is sick and my mom is 2 he just wants 2 b near his parents cause he loves them witch I understand but I want2 b near mine 2 so I figured in the middle would b good

Answer #5

Why don’t you just shut the F**k up and stick it out where you live. Your parents wouldn’t move you to a place where you couldn’t live now would they. And GROW THE HELL UP little girl!!!

Answer #6

I would recommend that at least one of you live close to your family. It is important to have a support system when you are first starting out.

Answer #7

Wherever both of you can find a decent job is where you need to start. There are going to be good and bad areas in every major city. Whatever or whoever you are running from in NH… not going to go away that easy. But, you will probably have to learn that one from experience. Sign a six month lease, so that if you don’t like the area after you’ve had a chance to unpack, you can move without legal or financial difficulties.

Answer #8

um why would I do that I want 2 movie with him I want 2 leave where I am at and live a better life

Answer #9

You should dump your boyfriend and stop growing up so fast. GO TO SCHOOL.

Answer #10

haha move to Yuma lol NOT! =P

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