What is America like?

What’s America like? I’v been to some places in America, like New York, North Carolina, etc… but what’s America like to Americans?

Answer #1

Boring…full of mean people a lot of shooting you can’t even feel safe anymore when going to school with out worrying that someone will come with a gun and shoot you down…Kids are so rude won’t appreciate what they have…so stuck up…can’t trust anyone :(

Answer #2

Having lived in Japan, Korea, Iceland, Germany, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bahrain, and the Philippines, I can honestly say I’m still a big fan of life in the United States. I enjoyed my time in those other countries, but I always missed my home country. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I still think the US is one of the most developed countries in many ways. For example, the health care in Iceland was excellent, but most Icelandic doctors study medicine in the US. And despite Japan’s strong economy, the standard of living in the US is ahead of them by about 10 years.
The best part of the US to me is the Rocky Mountain area, they have great schools, safe communities, lots of good jobs, and some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

That said, I think the US is definately behind other countries in some ways. When I lived in Germany, the Germans were very serious about recycling and energy conservation. It would do us good to follow their example. And we’ve got some social problems that I rarely saw in other countries, like a high divorce rate, teenage pregnancy, and drug abuse.

Answer #3

Having traveled from coast to coast and also to the north shore of America. . . America is not boring it is full of people of every type and terrains of every type Mountains, Rolling plains, Forest, Swamps and forest wildlife is not hard to find in this great country, Often I see Deer and Wild Turkeys. sometimes wild pigs and a coyote or two and every once in a while a cougar. . . The City life and the country life differ in ways that it is like two cultures but still they are perfectly blended to form a nation full of heart and soul. . . . You can’t truly experiance America in a week or two. . . . It takes time and a travel. . . How do you know you have seen America. . . . You have seen the Sunrise from the top of the Rockys. You have taken a wrong turn in Tennesse and ended up taking the scenic route. You have driven thru the everglades and counted Alligators. . . You have Stood in the National mall and watched a game of flag football. You have been in rush hour traffic in Dallas, L.A., New york city and Miami. You have seen the sunrise on the Atlantic and Set on the pacific. . . You have sit and watched a friday night High school football game on a crisp fall night. You have been brought to a stand still of an Alaskan Highway by a herd of America Bison. If you find America boring you should open your eyes. . . You may see a bald eagle flying over. . . . I have.

Answer #4

It is what you make of it. I live in the suburb of a small city in New York. Twenty years ago when I moved here I loved it, now it is getting a little too crowded for my wife and my liking. America has its drug problems like anywhere else, but other than that, it isn’t too bad. Since 9/11 the mood has definitely changed from carefree to more suspicious, especially by the police. If you don’t do anything to get into trouble that isn’t a problem. There are a lot of freedoms we take for granted, but we pay for them with taxes. I find small town people to be really nice and a lot friendlier than those of the larger cities. Overall I like it here.

Answer #5

America to me is the epitome of suburbia. Subdivisions, SUVS, soccer moms, McMansions, and green grass.

The oldest and largest national park system in the world to endlessly wander through I think is the best image that America portray’s.

Answer #6

Do you not think that Europe has women’s rights? I’d say that we are ahead in women’s rights! Right now England has a woman queen. Has America ever had a woman president? No.

Answer #7

It sucks at least the people do. everyone is sooo discriminatory and rude and mean, but as said before it is good in a lawful and human rights way. other than that its pretty much a hellhole.

Answer #8

I am a from Louisvile,Ky. I guess the U.S. is okay, because the farthest I’ve been away from here is Florida!! it depends on where you live. Where I live, we have the Kentucky Derby every year. On the other side of the Ohio River,(Southern Indiana.)NOTHING happens at all, so it’s even more boring. My Daddy has always said the farther South you go, the nicer the people are, and the faster they drive LOL:)Like Europe though, pretty much all of the states have some kind of history. france has the Eiffel Tower, and Italy has the leaning tower of Pisa, and we’ve got Mount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, and lots of beautiful planatation homes down south.

Answer #9

America, as someone else said, is what you make it. I haven’t been many places outside of the US but I can say that I’ve spoken with many who appreciate the opportunities this country offers. I live in metro Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve also lived in California, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and New Mexico. Each state has it’s pluses and minuses as I’m sure every country does. I for one, love this country even if I sometimes disagree with gov’t politics, our educational and healthcare systems. If you hate where you live, why wouldn’t you move instead of complain? It is but a choice you make, that is all.

Answer #10

yeah america is really awsome! But all this freedom we have is making people take advantage of it. There is a lot of violent things happening now-a-days, you never know whats going to happen. I mean you can walk into the wrong neighbor hood and your capable of being jumped or even shot!

Answer #11

I live in the UK and am very bored of it. Been to America and I loved it, my girlfriend is half american and she loves it, my grandparents have been to america about 4 times and they loved every trip too!

You cant say its boring when there is sooo many places to go! How many miles across is it!?

Answer #12

America is such a big place. You can’t generalise it by saying ‘America is boring’. It’s like London. There are so many downs about it but there are so many UPS too =] All depends on where you go. By the way I live in England but I’ve been to the states many times =]


Answer #13

its as fun as you make it. I live in troutdale, a little city just outside of portland OR and I love it. (I’ve always wanted to see irelend though)

its fun

Answer #14

im in the carolinas and its nothing specail.just a bunch of cows cotton and hillbillys onless you go to some nice places like charlotte,the mountains and swansboro

Answer #15

I think america is boring to americans like myself because we live here. but it’s different to people who dont its pretty interesting.

Answer #16

well I am american and swiss and have been to 10 countries. America has it positives and negatives. 1 positive is freedom, not to high of taxes and being able to protest and talk against something or somebody. I hate the place I live in (somewhere in america)…boering as hell and I don’t like the people. Switzerland does have freedom like america but a little bit less.

Answer #17

beautiful sights and people.lots of bad too. feeling of security is great. america is great but always a rush not too laid back unless in midwest

Answer #18

I think it would be interesting to find out how many Americans have actually taken the time to travel around their own country before saying it is boring!!? How in god’s name can you generalise such a big country, with all its different states and various cultures as boring!? And generalise all the people in one country as the same (someone quoted ‘Full of hypocrites’)!? And also to the girl who originally asked the question, are you Irish? I am, have you ever bothered to travel about Ireland!? - you quote ‘I thought all of the big cities seemed exciting! Atleast compared to som places in Ireland.’ - how small is Ireland compared to America - come on now have some sense!! Also quoted by knowitall8 ‘Right now England has a woman queen’ - Can a queen be anything other than a woman!!? Unless the heir to the throne Prince Charles is going to take up drag!!

Answer #19

america is amazing. its just most of the people that live in america take it for granted. well, all the famous cities are good, but when it comes down to regular boring old towns, then it is boring. but the tourist attractions are pretty much very wonderful. like, everyone always says good things about New York during the winter when its all lit up, or Myrtle Beach, south carolina or disneyland or disneyworld in florida/california. and other nice places in california. and places like Hawaii is really amazing. and if your old enough I’ve heard las vegas is fun haha. miami florida is apparently nice. I don’t know a lot of places in america are nice, but regular old towns are pretty boring.

Answer #20

America is so cool because it has so many sights and places to visit. people will always think that other places are more fun just because they are new and exciting to them. in america you can do anything and it is so much fun! the only reson we haven’t had a woman presidant is because there hasn’t been any woman to run for presidant who would be able to live up to the expectations. when the right woman runs, one day we will have our first woman presidant!

Answer #21

Ugh, fast food…are you sure that should be in the plus column, amblessed? ;)

Answer #22

NO america is not all big cities, it is just like every other country that has 2 or 3 major cities, most of america is just…surburban and normal and blah

Answer #23

boring as hell. everywhere you go seems the same except the middle of no where.

Answer #24

where I live, its boring and the rich people are snobs people are always worrying about being better than each other competing to be the best the landscapes are beautiful, but probably not as clean as parts of Europe its really boring and all the commercial industry totally pollutes the air

Answer #25

america sucks I would love to go to europe or wherever… I live in st.louis and it is considered a big city and it sucks.. it is just boring.. I’ve been to holland and amerstadam (sp) and germay for a day and it was awesome.. holland was all simple people ride bikes there and not so many cars. and well amerserdam well everyone knows bout that place.. europe is more simple than united states..

Answer #26

Hey editor - fast food ? - Oh yeah !! - my car won’t even drive by a Wendys without screamin !! :-)

Answer #27

sorry, that area’s a little touchy to me… not that I’m a women’s rights activist or anything…

Answer #28

really? I thought all of the big cities seemed exciting! Atleast compared to som places in Ireland.

Answer #29

well I think its kinda boring… but its ok I guess sometimes

Answer #30

I don’t like what is America like, I am planning to go to America next year, I will tell you what it is like then, just wait me, OK?

Answer #31

itz awsome stores and err thang are gr8

Answer #32

that is true volleeit18 forgot bout that part of america I dont like him either lol…

Answer #33

to me it has it fun times but I woudl liek to go explor ..I’ve been her to lng..isay its preety boring now

Answer #34

Pictures of places in America: http://byways.org/

Answer #36

Full of hypocrites.

Answer #37

These days it’s in style (the narrow-minded/negative types) to bash and criticize everything American but I was born here and live here and in my opinion, Great in every way - freedoms/scenic beauty/caring charitible people/many, many conviences (fast food/shopping, etc/womens rights respected/giving spirit abounds) - like any country, plusses/minuses - on the HD channel, I’ve seen Ireland filmed from a stable helicopter platform and my how beautiful !! - I also really enjoyed my time in the Philippines and Germany (when I was in the Air Force) - If you ever get a chance, come see us again !…Take care !!

Answer #38

hate it boring…

Answer #39

what?!!! america is amazing! everyone above takes it for granted…I like being able to walk out my door w/ out worrying if im bout to be shot! and I like being able to say “I dont like our president” without being prosecuted! I love america sure its boring but there is a lot of interesting cities and I love it!

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