Visa for traveling outside of america

Explain the whole.. traveling outside of America.. what you have to have thing.. visa right? I know passport and all of that crap… but what else? Specifics please

Answer #1

You only need a visa to travel to some countries…but not all. Some countries will give you a stamp upon arrival which serves as your visa, others will give you a visa upon arrival provided you have the appropriate small photos, and others you have to apply for a visa at their embassy weeks before arriving (and some even require a “letter of invitation” from a travel agency, hotel, business, friend, etc in that country). Most of the places Americans visit will put a stamp in your passport on arrival…Carribean countries, Europe, Australia. Many(but not all) third-world countries require a visa beforehand. The biggest exception to all of this is Russia. In order to get a Russian visa, you actually have to hand deliver your passport and visa application to their embassy in Washington, you need a letter of invitation, you need to submit an itinerary, and it costs $131 (most countries are free or less than $100). Most countries will post the requirements for a visa (if you need it) on their embassy’s website…just search google for “embassy [insert country] Washington”. There is usually a section under “consular information” and you can find the visa requirements there. The State Dept provides comprehensive info on every country here: I recommend you read all info listed for thew country you will be visiting, but the entry requirements are listed in the first section.

Answer #2

Here’s a link to a very handy and detailed travelers’ checklist:

You can also ask your travel agent for any advice and documents needed for your intended destination.

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