What can i do to my new car, to customise it abit?

its a white car and i want to go with a green look, but only minimal adjustments, what ive done so car is sprayed my licence plate frame green, any ideas? inside and outside, i have also thought of little diamonte sticker decals.

Answer #1

you can pin stripe your car they sell the tape at most auto parts stores. Or on line you can find all sorts of decals and manetic decorations for your car. Blessings!

Answer #2

paint “mine” all over it XD jk(though I knwo I will so I can easily pick out which car is mine ina parking lot) hmmm, perhaps paint frog eyes on it perhaps

Answer #3

One thing always worth remembering….. any money you spend, you’ll never get back! These people that spend £20,000.00 on “doing up” their Saxo are complete idiots! Its still a £3000.00 Saxo, thats all it’ll ever be worth! If they’d have just put that money to one side, they’d now be turning up to the ‘cruise’ in something cool! Doing up cars is fun, but seriously….. don’t go over the top…. it sounds like you’ve got your head screwed on though!

Answer #4

pull off all the trim, spray paint it green, and put it back on. Do the same thing to the bumper covers.

Answer #5

-How about some seat covers, and steering wheel covers? -Maybe green rims? -Necklace or ornament of some sort to hang on your rear view mirror.

Answer #6

Depends on how much money you would like to spend on it. You can get lights that you can put anywhere in your car that will pulse to the beat of the music, there relatively cheap, like under 50$. You could get seat and steering wheel covers, the seat covers can cost a bit but the steering wheel covers aren’t too expensive, like under 30$. You can get different gas, break and clutch peddles, not too expensive either. You can get little decals to put on your car, they’re pretty cheap as well.

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