need to lose weight, please help

how can I lose weight and boost my metabolism. I am 15 and 5’ 1” I am 145 lbs and I need to lose weight. I have a really slow metabolism so even though I am eating really healthy and exersizing I am see sawing so I haven’t lost really anything. I have tried a lot but nothing is working. I need to lose weight by april for my school trip. please help I want to look good on a bathing suit for that so I need help now. please anyone help

Answer #1

when ever you lose weight rapidly your weight loss will hit a platue were it is very hard for more weight loss, what you need to do is reduce your excercising but NOT stop and replenish your body of vital nutrients and minerals so the body can fully repair yourself, best way to do this is with a blood test from your doctor, they can tell you if anything is lacking… once this has been acheived you can start your diet again whether it be a lo Calorie diet a Carbohydrate free diet they both work I know from experience and pick up your training routine again but increase it over your first training routine and you will see the weight drop off but not as quickly as at first as it is stubborn fat you will be removing, I only know this from doing this myself and not from any fancy studies or guessing.. if you want further advice email me at ryan_giggs_au @ hotmail (dot) com

Answer #2

Are you sure you know what is healthy?

You already seem to know that different people have different metabolisms. An apple to one person can be like an ear of corn to someone else’s body.

One common food that does seem to give people problems losing weight is a lot grains: bread, pastries, cakes, bagels, etc.

There are a LOT of technically “healthy” foods, you just need to figure out which foods work best for YOU. Also, there are foods you may think are healthy but are really quite not, have hidden fats and ingredients which you have to read the labels to see. It never hurts to read labels before you eat or buy something. Also avoid going to fast food places, because even some of the healthier looking thing may NOT be as helthy as you think.

One most important thing is this: PATIENCE. It’s not always going to go away in a set amount of time. Like others have said, just keep doing what you’re doing.

And this is not meant to be depressing, but suppose you don’t lose any more weight, it’s just your body type. Well, the fact that you are eating healthy and exercising like you say is going to keep you healthy and living much longer. So what if you have a little extra fat. If you do everything right, you’ll still have good muscle strength and good vitals besides a little extra pudge. Just be grateful you can still function well otherwise. Plus, 145 isn’t TOO bad. It isn’t like you’re 200 something pounds.

I just know, I’m 5’4, 127 pounds and I’ve been eating healthy and exercising for a year straight. I used to be 145, but I came down to this weight several months ago. I have not lost ANY more since then. I upped the exercise, I upped watching every single thing I ate, ate very very healthy and lean. No change. So I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone just has a stopping point, a point where their body does not want to lose any more because they are healthy enough as they are, even if they do still have a little pudge.

Answer #3

i hav the same thing im 15 im a male and i waigh like 180 but i work out but i still hav a belly and i hate it i wanna waigh like 130. PLZZ HELP!!!

Answer #4

You have to eat healthy and exercise.

I suggest getting the abs diet. It is full of exercises you can do and great recipes and tips for healthy eating.

I also suggest getting the Men’s Health Magazine.

Answer #5

hey i need help aswell 4 losin weight will u help me… im 15 yrs old aswell n i wieght 80kgs n im 5.2ft i need 2 lose atleast 30 kgs 2 get in a normal figure sooo plzzzzzz it will be really nyc of u if u help me out wiv dis prob

Answer #6

just keep doing what ur doing but wait a day after u exrsise and ur doing every thing right

Answer #7

this is a topic i love to hear no anorexia or bulimia! (L)

try this:) only salads and fruits.. no junk food OBVIOUSLY no milk or POP!: NOO OR CHOCOLATES and breads very fatening because of carbohydrates.. eat alot of fiber it fills u up and is healthy:)

  1. Take long walks.. when u go on them even on a hot day wear a sweater the more you sweat the more you lose(if u can run thats even better HAVE WATER ON YOU) and
  2. DRINK LOTS and i mean LOTS of water like im talking about 10 water bottles a day if not at LEAST 4
  3. Cranberry juice flushes your system Its really good! (it doesnt give you diahreah it just cleanses your blood of fatty oils

its easy :) right! hope i helped

ALSO! random fact: alot of the time you think your hungry.. your really actually thirsty.. so..WATER. :) But eat lots of salads and stuff

Answer #8

PLEASE go pick up the book “The Body Sculpting Bible for Women” its by James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera. This book will answer all your questions and give you tons of information you never even thought about. For example tons of people pick fruits as snacks well little do they know fruits are packed with sugers and if you dont burn off all the suger from the fruits which is hard to do that suger turns into FAT yup FAT. So pick your foods carfully. Also they give you a workout rountine for your weight/hight/age ETC it also gives you a great 14 day body sculpting workout which is not easy but works great. Im one week I lost 5 pounds. Anyways check out the book its great also dont forget CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT

Answer #9

fanks but wht kinda light meal???

Answer #10

my tips sweetie, drink green tea before bedtime.

  1. when u wake up in the morning u drink orange juice not cold, then hours after u eat a light meal.
  2. eat green apples before lunch. what u eat.never eat fatty foods.chew them for ten seconds, drink plenty of water.
  3. have a jogging in the morning. 6.let fruits be ur snacks 7.there are vitamins to boost metabolism , u consult a dietitrician. our ages, its normal to have a slow metablism so we should be watchful to what we eat.
Answer #11

you dont say if you are male or female. this has quite a big bearing on the way fat is going to be burnt. trying to diet at your age is not the done thing, your body is still developing and growing, so it needs the nutrients and minerals from all your food, you dont say how many sizes you need to drop to get that look for your bathing suit. drop me a email on i am a british personal trainer, i will be able to give better advise if i know all the facts, please get in touch

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