Need to get this off my chest to someone

Okay where to start, Im 21 years old and I still live at home with my parents. I haven’t had a job in like 4 months. I’m 5/5 and weigh about 300 pounds. All I do 90% of the time is sit on my fatt azz. I’m afraid if I dont do something about my weight I probably wont live to be 25. I’m depressed and unhappy 90% of the time. I never pictured my life being like this. Im 21 and I dont even go out anymore, I dont really hang out with anyone except my family. I feel like Im not getting anywhere, I feel like Im going to be like this forever! My parents do not deserve this, I should have a job, be out enjoying life, not sitting here. I feel ashamed of myself and how I let myself get like this. I seriously have been thinking about losing my weight, I know its probably a lot to lose but I have to do it if I want to be healthy an happy. My uncle is taking diet pills an he is losing weight, they cost about 120 dollars a month. I want the pills to help me lose weight but like I said I have no job. My parents might would get them for me but I dont want to have to depend on them to get them, I feel like a lazy bum. I would liketo join weight watchers or something because I think I would be 100% serious about losing weight. I stress out about almost everything, I feel like I’ve given up on myself an life. I dont want to live like this anymore! It’s nobodys fault but mine, they shouldn’t have to deal with me or my problems, I should have my own life. I feel like a failure,almost everyone I no or grew up with go out and have fun an enjoy life, have boyfriends, husbands an kids. I dont want to sit in this house forever and never do anything I’ve always wanted to do. I no this really isn’t a question I just felt like I had to talk about it. Feel free to comment on anything, dont hold anything back, please let me know what you think.ty

Answer #1

I know how u feel. im only 13 and 200 pounds. i am depressed and i cant even join some program or get any type of equipment. i also have no energy to work out. SCHOOL IS SO HARD. my dad also doesnt have a job and i live in a very poor family.

Answer #2

Thanks for both of your advice, it has given me the courage to do it, an stick to it. I will keep you posted. thanks

Answer #3

To be honest., most of these posts are right, don’t tie your weight to how you feel about how you are as a person, they are different.

However thats not easy, so I will give you some weight loss advice. Try weight watchers online, I am your height and lose 55 pounds in 9 months. (200 to 145) it really helped me out as long as you stick with it and don’t expect to lose all the weight at once. It is a lifestyle and not a diet.

Answer #4

You may be clinicaly depressed. Which is more long term than just feeling bad about your weight. I would attack the depression first. Than your mood lifts all sorts of motivation kicks in. Be realistic, aim for feeling better before aiming for a size 8 dress. Don’t get into pills or fad diets. Talk to your doctor and he/she can direct you to the help you need. You cannot do this on your own. Also take up an unrelated activity, for example learn a foreign language. This isn’t for your weight, it’s for your self esteem. You can do it!

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What about that guy from Subway sandwiches? He lost tons of weight by one simple and cheap concept: PIck a place far away and walk there. Eating pills and extreme diets are only going to aggrevate your currently delicate psyche. You need to build confidence which will come with hard work and exercise. Turn the TV to an exercise program. Cut sugar and fried foods from your regular eating habits. Changing your diet will only keep you from gaining, to lose the weight you MUST exercise. Listen to the advice from ionestar then work on creating a plan and seeing it through till your next birthday. With work you will drop dress or pant sizes extremely fast, but never get discouraged because it does take time to get all the weight off. It took me near two years to put on an extra 20 lbs and it has taken me around a year to lose the fat and gain the muscle back.

Answer #6

ok well your 21 enjoy your life. you can sit around when you 50 or over rite now u should be outside having heaps of fruineds and quit these negitive thoughts rit now dont worry about what job u get just try to get some money print out lots of resumes and hand them out even at safe way or a bread shop but hand out lots every thing leads to another dont bother trying to think how you life will turn out cause it happens the waty its meant to hapen live it to the max if u think it gonna be negaitve it will be make it good start eating healty and try some running orr exercises get out more i know u probley feel like pplz are staring at you and talking about ur weight but there not and if they are they can just shut there face and mind there won buisness do this for ur self and your family YOUCAN DO IT!!

Answer #7

Hi, I understand how you feel, the good thing is that you want to do some changes. you need to take one step at the time. I know you don’t want to depend on your parents any more but you need to start from somewhere. Every parent wants whats best for their children and I’m sure your parents want to help you get back on your feet again. The greatest present you could probably give them is to improve your life. I think if they are offering their help you should accept their offer and PROVE to them that you are serious about this. Before you start taking pills you should probably visit your doctor, if you don’t have insurance there are low cost or free clinics all over the US. Check your cholesterol, blood preassure etc. talk to your doctor and ask how they can help you with weight loss. My doctor helped me and gave me some pills which helped me to lose a lot of weight, at the same time he kept track of my blood preassure to make sure I was ok. I know what it means to be depress, fortunately as you lose weight you will be improving and will feel less depressed … chemical changes in your body. If you suffer from depression maybe your doctor can help you, depression is a chemical imbalance in your body and can be treated. don’t try to do everything at the same time … make short term goals you can achieve. If you have a dog that would be great walk the dog 30 minutes a day, your pet will be very happy and you would lose weight, as you lose weight you can make your walk more intense. If you don’t have a pet and don’t want to walk alone offer to walk your neighbor’s or post an ad on craigslist. a 30 minute walk will make a great difference BELIEVE ME!!! i followed the Oprah diet and workout plan and I have lost a lot of pounds. Don’t try to lose all the weight in 6 months after all it took longer than that to gain pounds. I really hope you’ll do well :-) let me know how you do :-)

Answer #8

look up complex carbs and go by the glycemic index, the lower the food on the glycemic index the longer it will take to digest and thus will keep you fuller longer……..the rest these guys covered very thoroughly……..

good luck and take care

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woman **

Answer #10

hey. Its good that you got it off your chest. your a real man, the first step is wanting to change. your still so young. its hard. dont think your a failure, your parents want the best for you they wouldnt ever feel the way u think they would all that matters to them is that your happy. Pills are no good.. there pretty bad for the heart. the best advice i can give to you my friend is to not sit at home, dont feel pitty or embaressed to be yourself. you have the motivation itl take a while but get out there, you cant sit at home its no good for your heart take long walks dont eat junk food stay away from olily foods that are hard to break down. My dad, has diabetes and he has a beer belly he doesnt eat anything but salads and drinks lots of water. He took diet pills too.. but becasue he wasnt movign alot (truck driver) it affected his heart. Your parents love you no matter what if u ask for a bottle of the diet stuff and eat salads and fruits and vegies and drink lots of water in 2 weeks youl loose 22 pounds. or more. My dad didnt really walk anywere if you walk youl loose more than that, when you go on walks wear hot clothing the more you sweat the bettr. be strong dont give into cookies or chocolate (VERY bad for losing weight) have a planned diet. I really want to hear from you and how your doing! i know you dont know me but promise me you will not eat bad foods fight the tastes.. treat yourself to a little gummy bear at the end of the day. I WANT TO HELP YOU! :D

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