Why are so many natural disasters happening and the year has only begun?

Answer #1

Maybe we are getting to the end of the world???

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Answer #3

I’m actually starting to believe in 2012 though with the current event happening in Japón.

Answer #4

Some of them have occurred by themselves, but if you think about it, most of the recent ones happened as an aftershock or happened because of the thing before it. Everything is triggering other things if you get what I mean lol

Answer #5

In my opinion, there is so much hate in the world, greed, jealousy, people being sl@ughtered for no reason just watch cnn or fox news…look at what is going on in the world…not to mention when a 4 month old baby & most of her family get killed then have their heads viciously cut off by extremists…and her siblings that were smart enough to hide, be the sole survivors left with no family…so much disgust…brother against brother…so how can you possibly ask why these disasters are happening. Good vs. Evil…global warming…call it what you will…still sickens me :(

Answer #6

Someone posted this 9/11 World Trade Center 3/11 Japan Tsunami and another 11 date that I cannot recall.

Answer #7

Because nature doesn’t get dicated by men or by time. I don’t think it is relevant that so many of them happened the beginning of the year. (How many are we speaking of btw?). Nature is and always will be unpredictable and we won’t ever know when the next disaster will strike.

Answer #8

The pacific tectonic plate is moving. That caused Earthquakes in Chile, Japan and New Zealand. These earthquakes cause big shocks where they are and small shocks far away. And these can trigger more earthquakes. If there is tension in a tectonic plate, then even a very remote earthquake can make it go loose. Just like a small weight can cause an avalanche.

You have to imagine the earths crust as pieces swimming on a syrup-like liquid (magma, consisting of molten rock). Just like ice floe swimming on the water. With no space in between. They are hooked into each other, they grind along each other and they push each other up and down when they move. Very, very slowly. Now if there is tension between two plates and a small piece breaks off of one of them they can shift alongside until the next bump stops them. That’s what earthquakes are.

Normally a strong earthquake - like the one that caused the tsunami in Japan - can be measured by seismometers at the other side of the world. And it can cause small pieces to break off of earth plates and thus trigger more earthquakes.

Answer #9

Would u prefer that they happen at the end of the year? They are called “Natural Disasters”. They are normal. January, February etc are not natural.

Answer #10

Because nature doesn’t follow the Roman calendar? You realize that according to other calendars, the year works differently? Dates are irrelevant to nature. Or anything really. Dates are simply how we’ve decided to mark time.

Answer #11

some people say if you add up each date it = 2012(the year the world is supost to end)

Answer #12

oh you sily. Maya prophecy didn’t say anything about the end of the world. If their civilization would be still existing, they’d be working hark on new calendar. that’s it )))

Answer #13

I don’t know how much truth there is to all of this. Ordinary citizens know very little about what goes on at Government levels. But there is talk of current projects that enable humans to control weather and cause natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. I’m one of the ordinary know-nothings, but I’ve heard of things like HAARP, and Scaler Weapons. You should look into them too. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Answer #14

Wait, no fox news no.

Answer #15

w/e, watch what u like, just look at what’s going on. So much hate everywhere…sad! :(

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