Is it wrong for me to leave my drug addict husband?

Well I am I suppose considered a newly wed. My husband and I have been married a lil over a year, and we date for a yr before we got married. When I met him we were just friends. I was a courier he worked the shipping and recieving dock at a warehouse. When we first started hanging out I had lost my b/f about 1month and a half before.
I had no intentions of falling in love with anyone, I didnt think it was possible at the time with my grieving process. Well I guess you could say I accidently fell in love with my husband. So we started dating and moved in with one another after 4 short months of dating. Shortly after I became preg. When I was about 4 months preg I then found out that my husband had a drug problem. No one cared to tell me nor did he! But I loved him too much to leave him for that reason knowing there was help for him. An at the time was under the impression it was his first time ever doin crack cocain.

Well he had asked me to marry him on christmas of 05.  Me being so in love I said yes!  He then went on another binge and took off for 2 days.  I didnt know what to think.  Long story short hes does this several times in just the short period of time we've been together and now that we are married and have a family, when I tell him im going to leave he gets mad.  Then tells me that he has to apporve of where I go with his daughter.  But I really dont want him to know where I go if I do leave.  So I am stuck here what should I do.  I have 2 kids and a drug adict husband would it be wrong of me to leave him?  
Does he have a right to know where I am or who Im staying with just b/c we have a child together?
Answer #1

Please email me. I am in the same situation. I can not believe how much our stories are alike. you can IM me anytime.

Answer #2

No, its not wrong.. I lost my b/f on September 18, 2006 to cocaine. He shot up and died..and I’m still a mess. We ALMOST HAD A BABY!!! and where would i be>>hes gone and my baby would have no daddy!! DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN??? do you want your beautiful little one to have no daddy??? HE NEEDS HELP…Im not saying abandon him but you must find a way to let him know what he will be using…ASK HIM..”Do you want to die , do you want to show our babies drugs are ok??? do want to live this life??” If he can ignore those questions and not care about changing then one way or another you must leave…but try every option first as long as you can keep yourself and your family out of certain danger, which will be hard with your husband doing crack… keep me posted…im here for me I UNDERSTAND!!!

Answer #3

No, it would not be wrong for you to leave him in my opinion. You have children to think about. If he is a drug addict, what kind of father and role model could he possibly be for them?

You could talk to a lawyer about the legality of his knowing where you are. If you can prove that he is a possible danger to you or to them, for example, then you might be able to get out without his knowing where you are.

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