What do you think would happen if all the members of FunAdvice who actively use the site were locked in a room together?

Random occurring thought. Do you think it would be pleasant, or no? What issues can you see arising? Or would we all just have a jolly good time?

Answer #1

hmmmm if u just put them together for no reson im sure wed all just laugh and joke around and stuff maybe a few would have some issues but all in all wed go well now if u put us in there with some random subject like what are our opnions on teen pregnacys im sure there might be a few issues but nothing big most of us no how to control ourselves quite well

Answer #2

I think most of us would have a good time together, and have a big party! :D

Answer #3

but maily i think wed all wonder why were all locked in a room with ppl we barly no off a random site lol

Answer #4

i think most people would have a good time but there would be a few arguements cuz some people like to start fights and argue with everyone and insult people

Answer #5

id punch a lot of people.

Answer #6

Then we’d all could have an awesome party and thats only involving the really awesome people on here

Answer #7

LMAO! Why am I not surprised

Answer #8

i think we’d need to have big fluffy walls- all our craziness in one room TOGETHER?! o.O…

Answer #9

I think all hell would break lose haha. We all have such different outlooks on topics, I think there would be a lot of clashes.

Answer #10

I don’t really know what we would do… but wouldn’t it be amazing if we had our usernames floating over the top of our heads? PSHYEAH!

Answer #11

All hell would break loose and there would be numerous cat fights and verbal assaults. :-P Now, if we had an actual room and there were lots and lots of cute and hunky guys too look at and touch., I will sacrifice myself and molest each one first and you can have them after I’m done with the hunks. :-)

Answer #12

Omg I was actually just thinking about this (in depth) before. I was thinking about if we could ever all meet up somewhere. And save our points up to pay for airline tickets (yes, I’ve thought this through pretty intensely). To be honest I actually don’t think we would get along. We are all so, so different (just talking about the regulars here), and I think it would be awkward. OOH I WONDER IF JEREMY WOULD SELL ME A TSHIRT IF I CAME TO HIS HOUSE?

Answer #13

you really want a tshirt :|

Answer #15

and i’d punch you! :[ ha ha just kidding.

Answer #16

As long as eternallife doesn’t show up, I’m allll good. :D

Answer #17

Everyone gets along relatively well so I can’t see anything happening…but I feel like we would all sit in different groups according to who we like the best. We wouldn’t all just sit and chill together.

Answer #18

That’s a big room. But I would get scared…b/c one I don’t like tight spaces But I would like to meet some of you guys! You all seem nice. =)

Answer #19

Oops, forget the “one” thing. My bad. =/

Answer #20


Answer #21

Yeah really.

Answer #22

i wouldnt need asking.

Answer #23

Considering how sarcastic and pessimistic I can be in person, you’d all hate me lol. But then again, I can pretty much see everyone in like separate tables giving mean looks at each other. And over in a very dark corner is Irene ripping people to shreds one by one :)

Answer #24

there would be 2 people in there that i would want to slap for being smart asses :P lol

Answer #25

what is wrong with you O_O

Answer #26

me, cassie, katrina, himfrompowerpuffgirls, and that guy who always adds an -E at the end of his comments lol

Answer #27

I think a lot of people would end up crying. For one reason or another.

Answer #28

LOL. I can actually see that happening :)

Answer #29



Answer #30

i can think of a few people on here i wouldn’t mind being locked in a room with ;) :D


Answer #31

Probobly talk about their problems and the questions they are answering and asking?

Answer #32

i would never hate yuuu

Answer #33



Answer #34

lol there he is XD

Answer #35

i’m always here :D


Answer #36

hahaha omg sammee

Answer #37


Answer #38



Answer #39

if every1 on here got locked in a room, i think there would b a fight in 1 corner a girl crying in another the dj killing himself

Answer #40

if every1 on here got locked in a room, i think there would b a fight in 1 corner a girl crying in another the dj killing himself

Answer #41

I think most would get along and maybe a couple fights. I’d be the one quietly sitting in the corner smiling at everyone….. I’m not so good at meeting new people unless I’ve actually talked to them face-to-face…. I’m always afraid they’ll hate me :S

Answer #42

Depends on who you think of when you think “the regulars”. I think of you, myself, mandyloo, Colleen, Ryan, Euan, Angel, Connor, Irene, Renee, Ben, Makenzie, Miggy, and i’m probably missing a few, but I think all of those people whould get along alright together.

Answer #43

I’m not surprised either. :) If I am remembering right, Angelee would probably be first? :D

Answer #44

I could see myself not liking you if I met you in person, to be honest.

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