Would you use a feature on FunAdvice where you could email your photos, and questions and have them automatically posted here?

THis would also include status updates, and make it easy to add photos taken from your mobile phone to funadvice. Let me know what you all think.

Answer #1

I’m on here far too often to use that, but I could see how it would really come in handy if I was just on my phone or something similar. Less active members than little old me would probably like that as well.

Answer #2

I’d like it, for use with my phone , if you could just text your question or photo to a certain number! As long as FA doesn’t send texts or alerts back, because for some people that could a) be annoying or b) cost them money.

Answer #3

hmm, i dont know. i think the entire point of me liking funadvice is the interactivity that comes with it (i.e. when i visit, i have to answer questions, comment on something, talk to at least 1 person, etc and thus would have to roam around the site). Automatically posting stuff on here is more for twitter (where you really just post your status without much interaction, at least for me. though i love reading statuses).

so yeah. :S it wouldnt be applicable to me. but maybe for some other users it could work. :-)

Answer #4

It would be mainly to be added from your Phone. For instance if you saw somwthing funny while on the road, and wanted to snap a quick photo and send some text with it, would that not be a handy way to post a status update?

Answer #5

Yes, very. I transfer pics from my phone to here ALL the time.

Answer #6

oh ok :-) i believe that would be handy for others LOL i dont use my phone camera hahaha LOL

Answer #7

I don’t think I’d use the photo feature, but the email one definitely sounds pretty cool.

Answer #8

The text one* Oy, typos.

Answer #9

Yes, I think that would be a brillant idea, considering most cannot log in via their work computer to access this site or is too worried about running a massive phone debt when they are out and about, so sending photos, contents etc directly to FA is a great idea………Think of the cool stuff people can take photos of eg: at special events, accidents, strange happenings, massive traffic jam etc, etc, these are all current images and news, very similar to being a journalist.

Answer #10

I like it… sometimes something will come up, and I’ll think ‘’Oh, I’ll ask FunAdvice when I get home..’’ and when I get home, I don’t remember what I was gonna ask. lol. That would be cool. :)

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