What do you think would happen to FunAdvice if it got rid of the status update section?

Do you think it would help the site or make it worse? Do you think many people would leave? What other ways can you think of that could exist to help with duplicate questions?

Answer #1

I think alot of people would be very unhappy :)

Answer #2

I think people would be mad but I think it would become a site actually dedicated to advice.

Answer #3

I’d imagine a lot of people leaving. There are definitely more statuses made than questions asked. To be honest, FunAdvice hardly seems like a Q&A website to me. I feel like the majority of members spend more time posting on the Updates section than on the Questions section. I personally could care less if there were an Updates section or not. Getting rid of it would probably put more of a focus on actually giving advice, though.

Answer #4

I think the site would return to the days when it didn’t have the Updates section, which was a Q&A advice site. Many of the “older” users who registered before it [Updates] existed wouldn’t mind, but the newer users would probably not adjust as easily.

Answer #5

I see a lot of people leaving though more focus would be given to advice. However, the questions would be flooded with many repetitive questions and barely coherent questions as right now, those questions simply get moved to the updates. There would probably be more chatting on the questions as well.

Answer #6

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned the last bit asking about a way to deal with that, since that was half the reason status updates were introduced.

Answer #7

That’s one of the things I’ve started disliking about the site. People don’t treat it like a Q&A site. I would prefer if the members that were joining were joining mostly for the purpose of either asking a question, or trying to help people answer questions. I feel like It’s turning more into a social site, and it’s having a negative effect on what the original intention of this place was.

Answer #8
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Answer #10

Actually, the status board was only put into place when the site was relaunched in 2010. Before that, there was only a question board and it was literally flooded with mundane questions like “what are you having for dinner?”, and “what time is it?”. We also had problems with people carrying out full length conversations on people’s questions, completely ignoring the question, thereby offering no advice and adding no value as an advice site. The status board was put up so that people could post “conversational” questions or simply “chat”, as we didn’t have that option before, except within groups where people were segregated. The status board also serves as a place to send those questions that get asked “a million times” so that they don’t appear on the question board as often.

Answer #11

so many n00bs around :P

Answer #12

I knew this. The question was more me wondering what people who joined after it was implemented thought of the idea of FunAdvice without a Status Updates section.

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