What is the best kind of motorcycle to get if you're a good driver, but don't want too much kick?

My Brother Had A Honda CBR F4 600 That I Loved To Drive And I Was Good. Ive Even Won Races With It. But He Sold It And I Want My Own Bike, But Im Wondering What The Best Options Would Be? (:

Answer #1

I would have recommended a Buell Blast but I learned that Buell is no longer in business. A Suzuki gs500 would be a good first sport bike.

Answer #2

Cool! (: Thanks. Any Other Ideas? (:

Answer #3

Personally I like 250cc dual sport motorcycles for first bikes. They are light, easy to handle, tough and not too expensive. Some are a little tall but if you are height challenged there are some models that are lower plus motorcycle shops have tricks for getting the saddle lower. Thing is if you are used to a 600cc sport bike a small dual sport bike is going to feel slow.

Answer #4

Yeah That’s My Thing. I Want At Least A 400 or 600. But Im Not Sure If The Next Level Up Will Be Too Much?

Answer #5

Any sports bikes are a great by sixfold are very great makes also try one and find out yourself.

Answer #6

Suzuki was spell checked six fold not sure but also try a dirt bike if necessary

Answer #7

What About A Kawasaki Bike? Which Model Would Be Good?

Answer #8

Personally I’d stick with a smaller bike and spend more time developing as a rider. Everyone acts like you will outgrow a 500cc but truth be told there is a lot of performance in 500cc. To me one of the problems with a bigger bike is that you can not use all of its performance. To me it is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow. A smaller bike can go fast, it just makes you work more for it.

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Answer #11

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Answer #12

Is There A Good Kawasaki Bike That Is Balanced Between The Two?

Answer #13

In the Kawasaki line there is a pretty big jump between the Ninja 250 and their 650s. They don’t make a mid-sized sport bike like you seem to be looking for. The Ninja 250 is surprisingly quick for a 250 though. My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki. A 2 stroke 90cc one.

Answer #14

Do You Think I Could Handle A 650? Or Should I Get A Suzuki R600? (:

Answer #15

Do You Think I Could Handle A 650? Or Should I Get A Suzuki R600? (:

Answer #16

I’d go for a light sport bike. Most riders are faster on a light sport bike than a liter superbike because they can handle the lighter bike but are just a passenger on the big one. Choices are limited here because the market favors bigger bkes. The R600 is one of the ligher 600cc bikes but at over $11,000 is pretty expensive for a first bike.

Answer #17

Well I Aint Got To Worry About The Money Issue :P Im Just Stumped On What To Get.

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