Low calorie cooking ideas or other food for thought?

I think if I had some low calorie cooking ideas, I might be able to help reduce the size of my gut. I’m not convinced I’ll exercise, though I asked for help on that too. What I was thinking right after my last question is that if I had some tasty, low calorie cooking ideas, maybe I could slim down that way, since eating isn’t an option - I’m always up for eating.

Answer #1

That’s a fairly generic question, so I’ll stick to the high level low calorie ideas:

First, cut the fat - stop using butter, replace it with something less fattening. Use canola oil instead of vegatable, or even better, Olive oil.

Second, drop the sugar. Yes, everybody likes it sweet - including me - but that will not only make you hyper & then drop your energy level as the rush goes away, but those are only empty calories that aren’t helping you any.

Third, you should consider increasing the amount of whole grain, vegatables, and things like that so that your body gets a solid balance of foods, and you boost your energy level naturally.

Fourth, try to stick to a veggie & pasta or whole grain diet for a few days, with a small amount of protein, and then take long walks. I’ll bet it does wonders for you. Good luck there.

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