Why do leaves change their color every fall?

Answer #1

I was once told it was due to lake of water, but I learned that to not be true, and now I can’t remeber wat the real reason was!!! Lol

Answer #2

Damn, I know this. Uh, something about cholorophil being the reason leaves are green and green dominates all the other colors that are still really in the leaves, but in the fall they dont make enough of it to mask the other colors. Something like that.

Answer #3

That’s wat it is the cholorophil :-)

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Answer #5

Yes’m. Nutrients all drain to the roots leaving the leaves exposed and not doing photosynthesis so chlorophyll stops being produced leaving the, leaves to show new colours. (:

Answer #6

Like satanheadbangstometal said, it has chlorophyll in it. Chlorophyll is the stuff that makes leaves green & it is the substance that creates the tree’s food out of sunlight and air. When sunlight gets dimmer in the Fall (and not as many hours), trees cut off circulation of the leaves and live on stored food. As the leaves fall off of the tree, the chlorophyll in the leaves die and the green color goes away. The colors that are left behind on the leaf (yellow, orange, brown, red, etc) are the colors that were there all along, you just couldn’t see them because of the green chlorophyll.

Answer #7

Leaves change their colors during fall season as a part of nature. Not all trees change colors during fall some do not like the pine trees. Trees were created by God with different adaptations to its environment. In tropical countries, there’s no fall season and leaves don’t change its color unless the tree is dying. Therefore, the changes of the leaves color is a part of nature.

Answer #8

That’s very true not all the trees change color :-)

Answer #9

You hit the right point: they do all of this to conserve energy instead of feeding the leaves as well as themselves throughout the winter.

Answer #10

However there must be reasonable scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Like why leaves of teak fall during hot season is because it is the way the teak adapt itself toward the season. When it is too hot, teak drop its leaves in order to minimize the evaporation from the leaves. :)

Answer #11

You got it sort of right. But chlorophyll does not die. It is a pigment. It is not alive. During the cold seasons the plant stops producing chlorophyll and eventually all the chlorophyll is broken down. And it doesnt create food, it simply allows the process of photosynthesis to take place.

Answer #12

chlorophyll is green so they obviously loose chlorophyll when they are not green, my cactus has no chlorophyll so it’s a red-orange color.

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