Is Sarah Palin's underage daughter drinking alcholol an issue?

So it came out that her daughter was drinking alcohol in some pictures she’d posted on the net. At 17, that’s highly illegal in all 50 states.

Yep, I know, it’s not politics. But watching the RNC last night & listening to Fred Thompson claim that she was the only VP candidate ever that could “field dress a moose” (in reference to Palin) I think the pictures of an underage daughter are way more relevant than the reference Fred Thompson chose to make on live TV in front of tens of thousands of delegates.

Is this what our country is coming to, that the candidate from the Republican party’s VP has an underage, pregnant, unwed, and seemingly alcoholic for a daughter? I seriously question the “family values” they hold, but, would like to hear what you all think.

Answer #1

I really don’t care. But I think that it could hurt Mccain…not that I’d care anyway.

Answer #2

wait a minute…I thought her daughter was pregnant?

Answer #3

I don’t see this as an issue, and aside from a few prudish pundits trying to make a big deal out of nothing, I doubt many voters do either. Most of us are aware of the difference between real family life and fantasy worlds.

Answer #4

AND if Obama had an unwed pregnant 17 yr old daughter the republican party would NOT RESPECT HER PRIVACY!

Answer #5

nope although I dont want her and mccain to win, I dont think its an issue

Answer #6

ooh, I wish I could vote.

Answer #7

sh0ckedandamazed, I guess you are either childless…or…your kids aren’t old enough, or haven’t told you about THEIR actrivities as teens…Do you remember your own teen years…did you simply follow all the rules set by mom and dad? The only control a parent has on a 17 year old, is hoping that all you taught sank in…the good news is…most usually has. If you read this site much, you’d know that getting pregnant is a roll of the dice for most of the teenage girls here…go read…there are hundreds every week scared to death to tell their parents.

Palin’s “averageness”…her middle class lifestyle…her blue collar hubby…her not perfect children…those are things that appeal to the general public…she’s been viewing the world thru the same peephole they have…


Answer #8

“Fact: that character was demonized for being a single mom. Now less than 20 years later, we’ve got a single mom as the Republican VP candidate, whom a respected republican can only say about her that she can field dress a moose.”

News flash…she’s got a husband! You got to quit watching the sitcoms, and pay attention.

MY mother believed in and taught family values…believed that abstinance was better form of birth control than any other…believed sex was for marriage, believed that drinking would get a person into trouble…etc etc etc…but teens are notoriously hard of hearing…The best “family value” she taught, came from the “doing”…the loving a child in spite of mistakes…giving her mother love, no matter WHAT…Her beliefs didn’t change, but her “reality” did…Palin is no different.


Answer #9

Yep, I remember Murphy Brown, which is part of the reason I threw the question out there.

However, seemingly, 1/2 the people replying aren’t of age to remember that “scandal” over the “lack of family values” and the destruction of the “American family” that the Murphy Brown character represented.

The other reason I brought it up is because if being able to field dress a moose is fit for a speech from one of the people at the Repulican National Convention, then yep, the VP candidates daughter’s issues are as well. They reflect a ton more on her character than her time spent hunting.

Answer #10

rickd - To help: From an AP report in 1999:

“Pat Buchanan brought his conservative message of a smaller government and an America First foreign policy to Fairbanks and Wasilla on Friday as he continued a campaign swing through Alaska. Buchanan’s strong message championing states rights resonated with the roughly 85 people gathered for an Interior Republican luncheon in Fairbanks. … Among those sporting Buchanan buttons were Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin and state Sen. Jerry Ward, R-Anchorage.”

In fact, Buchanan himself said he was thrilled by the choice, saying as soon as I mentioned it: “It’s great for the base. I’m sure she’s a Buchananite!”

Answer #11

I don’t care what Palin’s children do, I care how Palin handles it. I don’t care that her daughter drinks, unless she was pregnant while drinking. Yes, it is wrong but I felt the same way when the Bush children were drinking. I DO care that Palin is against birth control being taught in public schools. That she is against pro-choice. That she supported Buchanan for president. That she open the Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil drilling. That she is completely without experience.

I am for Obama. Even if I weren’t, I would question McCain’s judgment in selecting Palin.

Answer #12

I like to reflect on how much of a stink that some in the Republican party made over a fictional single Mom (remember TV’s Murphy Brown?), and compare it to the present attitude that … oh well, people will be people … now that the ball is in their court. (No pun intended, but enjoy it if you want.) Hm-mm.

Answer #13

It shows that McCain just picked Palin because he needed Hillary supporters. Now all this stuff is coming out.

But, I don’t really think it matters if her daughter drinks. I can’t really say it’s wrong. Cause half of my friends drink illegally.

Answer #14

Where is the Break-down in family values at in reference to the Palin family?

Easy, she’s a single mom. Every time I’ve heard of “traditional family values” from the Republican party, it’s been about a mom, dad, and kids…two parents, not one.

Why not reply to the Murphy Brown reference, Rickd? Is that too close to the vest? :)

Fact: that character was demonized for being a single mom. Now less than 20 years later, we’ve got a single mom as the Republican VP candidate, whom a respected republican can only say about her that she can field dress a moose.

Did you watch the RNC last night? I bring up under age drinking because it’s illegal and parents should do a better job. If she doesn’t have time to deal with her family, then she doesn’t have time to help run the country. End of story :)

And since when do moose (nobody replied to that bit - why not?) have bearing on the fitness of an individual for public office? Never :) However, Fred Thompson opened the door, I’m just walking through & following his lead.

Answer #15

This woman doesn’t think I have the right to choose for myself and you expect me to keep my mouth shut about her underage knocked up drunk redneck daughter??? Don’t think so. Republicans are always preaching morals and trying to control other’s lives but they can’t even control their own children. Her husband is away 6 months at a time and she’s a governor…who the hell is taking care of the kids? A NANNY! It’s easy to pop them out when you don’t have to take care of them!

Republicans are against sex ed…they believe only abstinence should be preached. Maybe she should have taught her daughter to use protection instead…we know abstinence didn’t work.

Although my personal opinion is that Bristol Palin should have an abortion I BELIEVE A WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHETHER TO HAVE A CHILD OR NOT! The same way you can’t FORCE A WOMAN TO HAVE AN ABORTION…YOU CAN’T FORCE A WOMAN TO HAVE A CHILD!!!

Answer #16

No, it’s not an issue. Again, how many parents in this country have perfectly straight-laced, well behaved teens who don’t dabble in alcohol, pre-marital sex, or drugs? If this was the 1950’s, again, I’d say most…but we’re in the 21st century and things have changed socially, especially in the schools. Palin’s situation is dealt with by millions of other families, left and right, across the US.

As for the family values issue and the Republican Party, it depends on how Palin presents herself during the campaign. She should present herself as calling for attention to teenage and family issues, highlighting awareness, etc. If she does that, she’s not only speaking as a candidate but as a mother with personal experience, and it will lend legitimacy to her cause. But if she comes across as the preachy Republican standing for the party of family values, then yes, that’s hypocritical.

Answer #17

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       Thedude,

“Fact: that character was demonized for being a single mom. Now less than 20 years later, we’ve got a single mom as the Republican VP candidate, whom a respected republican can only say about her that she can field dress a moose.”

FACT: Governor Palin is married to Todd Palin and has been for 20 years!

Just as I don’t believe that the sins of the fathers should be visited upon the children, I don’t believe that the sins of the children should be visited upon the parents.

Society’s values are more responsible for the problems of the children then are the values and actions of the parents. Parents can’t lock up their children and prevent them from being exposed to society and its values. If you’re going to place blame, place it where it rightfully belongs.

Answer #18

I agree with the others, her duaghter isn the one that is the vp, she has no control in the house, im not saying it is right for her to go out and drink, its wrong and it is illegal, I agree, but after all she’s a teen and teens make mistakes, people has to understand that, just b/c her mom is a vp doesn mean she has to be an uptight goody to shoes kid, it isn going to happen, I dont expect her to change b/c of her mom, yes I think she should help her mom, but I dont think she should stop living her life, she’s going to make mistakes, we have to accept that, its wrong yes, im not sayin it isn, im not concerned of her, honostly dont care bout her, I am bout hermom, now if it was her mom drinkin and getting drunk and not doin her job, then id have somethin to say bout it…I just hope her mom, will bust her for it, but then again its a family problem and it should be kept that way.

Answer #19

“Palin’s ‘averageness’…her middle class lifestyle…her blue collar hubby…her not perfect children…those are things that appeal to the general public…she’s been viewing the world thru the same peephole they have…”

no offence phrannie, you are entitled to your own opinion, and so am I.

I think there is a common misconception that the “common man/woman” are the best leaders. I have got plenty of friends and neighbours who are “commoners,” but I wouldnt want them leading my country in a heartbeat.

the truth IMO is that different people have different skills. an “average woman” like palin (apparently) is might be skilled at office work, or housekeeping. what countries need, however, is someone who can deal with stress (granted, palin does), knows how to deal with unforgiving, intimidating foreign leaders (different from palin’s ‘oil interests,’ im talking about PUTIN etc., people who wouldnt care a * about how hurt you or your country might be, and palin hasnt even stepped out of her own country yet), and most of all knows how to deal with the world’s largest economy (palin has done ok, but alaska is hardly the industrial heartbeat of the world eh).

I should also emphasise that even though I dont think “common people” should become national leaders, a good leader should be someone who is able to understand and address the concerns of common folks. (dare I say, someone like obama)

Answer #20

Obama LOVES to tell people how he came from poor COMMON stock…it’s all a part of the American Experience (if it’s true or not), nobody EVER says…I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, even if they were…Palin might very well give Putin a run for his money…she’s not a housewife, not an office worker…she’s a Governor of one of the States in the US…she’s articulate, she’s tough, she’s obviously not intimidated by being in a “mans world”…Her husband, however, IS a house-husband and chid care giver…

So leevan…In American…we don’t have “commoners”…but there hasn’t been a President EVER, who wouldn’t swear on a pile of bibles, that he was just “a guy like you and me”…the common man…that’s what wins elections.


Answer #21

Is any parents underage child drinking alcholol and issue? why should it be such and issue with her daughter..b/c she was picked for vice president. people should really stop making a big deal out of this and her being’s her business and it probably happened before sarah was picked.. leave them alone.

Answer #22

I think its her life

&& that her life should be kept outa this buisness shes not running

so whats the point?I mean comeon people just say sh!t like that

to give the person a bad name if it were anyone else this wouldnt matter

so I just say let her live her life && keep her out of palins business

Answer #23

She said that is has an average family with the same problems as everyone else. Well I can’t see how we could trust her in the first spot for succession if something happens to McShame while (if the voters ar dumb enough to vote for him) president. She has no control in her own household, why would I want running my country.

Answer #24

I drink… it does not have anything to do with my parents… its my life… they didn’t cause me to do it. just because I drink does not mean that my parents did anything wrong…

Answer #25

phrannie…thank you :)

the girl has done what she’s done…she has messed up…and she undoubtedly knows it.

…how many people on this site actually waited to have their first drink when they were 21? how many weren’t pregnant as teens? it’s funny, because I’ve seen I don’t know how many questions concerning teen pregnancy.


Answer #26

I do not think Sarah Palin’s daughters’ actions should affect the presidential candidates. Her daughter isn’t the one that is running for president or vice president. Also- many, many more teenagers Bristol Palin’s age (and under) drink and get pregnant. [I am by no means condoning this behavior, I’m just saying it happens.]

By the way: I am an Independent, not a Republican or a Democrat, so please do not call me biased.

Answer #27

The only reason her daughter’s behavior is relevant is because of the stances she has taken on various social and family issues, like sex ed in schools and aid for teenage mothers. Her ultra-conservative views on family values opens the door to questioning HER parenting skills. Not judging the daughter. Bristol, unfortunately, had no choice in the fact that she had a mother who coudln’t get the job done. Yes, many good, hardworking people are in this position, and do not deserve to be judged. But when you put yourself out there as a candidate that represents family values, then your lack of parenting skills is most definately fair game.

Answer #28

How do you leap from a “picture” of a person drinking to them being “seemingly” alcoholic”??? Underage drinking is illegal in every state…HIGHLY illegal, it is not…they give tickets for it, like speeding…and call mom and dad…don’t exagerate. I doubt it’s going to be an issue.

Her kid got pregnant…so??? Teen pregnancy is on the rise in the US, and has been for 2 decades…where ya been?? Parents, on the whole, don’t condone or encourage their teens to have sex…ah, but…just as in generations back to the beginning of time…teens do it anyway.

Do I hear a whole lot of pompass BS here???


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