VP canidate Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant, problem?

I know, I know - it has nothing to do with her candidacy. However, I’m a bit stunned that McCain would chose somebody who’s minor daughter is pregnant, out of wedlock, and all that…isn’t “family planning” one of the values I’ve heard more from Republicans than democrats? Traditional family values, as so often espoused by our very own president?

So, how on Earth did McCain end up choosing her? Shouldn’t he now chose somebody else that reflects the party values, OR are those worthless?

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jimahl: Here he is in his own words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNzmly28Bmg

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Palin supported Pat Buchanan, that racist, anti-semite, for President. That brings Palin’s judgement into serious question.

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what does it matter?? why make a BIG deal of it, its not such a big deal if a random chick got pregnant, its her mother thats the VP not her, people makes mistake, wats the difference between her and bill clinton and all his women?? yet people think he was t he greatest president of all…if its ok for bill to do it, its ok for her daughter…id say the same if it was obama’s daughter…she made a mistake she’ll learn but we shouldn expect her to quit living just b/c her mom is VP, its her choice, she’ll have to live wit it, not me…and like I said wats the difference between bill sexual clinton and her??

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You have NO idea what you are talking about. I am one of 5 children, and both my parents have always worked full time. My dad was in the military and my mom works in dentistry. My brothers, sister and I have turned out fine. You see, siblings are supposed to step up when the parents are away, and I am sure that Sarah Palin’s children are old enough to pretty much take care of themselves. I would be extremely proud of either one of my parents if they had this oppurtunity.

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Okay, people make mistakes, whether republican or democrate. You are right in saying that it has nothing to do with her candidacy, nor does it have anything to do with her ability to raise a family. People just make mistakes. Bristol is 17 and makes her own choices. She chose to have sex, she ended up pregnant, and now she is following what she believes is right by keeping the baby, and eventually marrying the father of the baby. I agree with Obama when he said that a candidates family should be left out of the politics. I dont feel like this should have anything to do with how someone veiws McCain or Palin in the election. America needs to focus on the issues at hand, and needs to stop trying to find out the “dirt” on other people.

Answer #6

Thanks amblessed. I saw the video, and yes he said he wouldn’t want his daugters mistake to be punished with a baby. It was obviously only part of a speech, so I searched a little more to find more of it, which I did, and of course your version alone takes it out of context. Listen to the 45 seconds prior to your clip, and it doesn’t quite sound so bad. He was talking about about HIV and STDs, and said that the best way to fight it is with education. And that part of that education should be absitnance (a conservative ideal), but that if it were his daughter who made a mistake, he would not want her punished by the results of that mistke with either a baby at a young age, or of transmitting an STD.

I do consider myself pro-life, but I mostly agree with what he said.

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I thought few people knew about her daughters pregnancy until this morning.. I read somewhere that this whole time palin has been saying that SHE is the one who is pregnant.. but someone found out it was in fact her daughter, not her.. obviously the scandal is going to hurt the election.. I don’t think mccain would have chosen her as vp knowing about the pregnancy thing.. maybe he found out just like the rest of us this morning..?

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utopia, you said: unless you allow others to raise that child - if there is a loving Father there, which there is, that’s not ‘allowing others’ to raise - you made no mention of him.

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I am not sure I agree that it is not a problem for them religionisgood (mind if I just call you RG? lol). It is not a problem like it would have in the 50s. But as utopia said, it is not the fact that she has a pregnant teenager. We all know people who have been in that situation. It is the fact that she chose to accept the nomination knowing how that would put a spotlight on her daughter. It is her putting her ambition in front of her family. If it were me, I would not choose to put my pregnant teenager on a national stage.

Answer #10

“Appears to be a normal family where problems crop up now and then”

This has nothing to do with problems a family faces and the decisions they have to make, and no one would care if she was just a governor of a small state. But as a nominee for the VP spot it has to leave you wondering what McCoot was thinking. amblessed if this was Obama who was facing this problem, you would be saying that if he can’t manage his family, how can we expect him to run the country.

It is rellevant only in the fact that McCoot has once again shown incredibly poor judgement in picking some one so unqualified, and so surrounded by scandal and controversy. She will not make it to November on the ticket. She may not make it till next week.

“ - it’s refreshing to read Sarah Palin’s view that a baby is ‘a gift from God’ - you’ll recall Obama stated if one of his daughters were to get pregnant, she shouldn’t be ‘punished’ with it - Is a baby a gift or punishment ?”

Care to give us the exact quote in context when Obama said that a baby is punishment? If you can’t, I will chalk it up as another lie.

Answer #11

I have no problem with the fact that Palin’s daughter is pregnant. Kids are kids and no matter how you try, they do what they want. Any of us with children could be in Palin’s position.

What I have a problem with, and hear me out, is a mother that would subject her un-wed, pregnant daughter to the scrutiny of a national campaign and would decide to run for VP having a young baby with downs syndrome. It is challenging enough to raise a baby when you are traveling all over the country but to try to raise a baby with special needs while traveling all over the country is next to impossible, unless you allow others to raise that child.

As a mother, I have a problem with this. There have been many opportunities in my life that I have turned down because they would have taken me away from my child when he was young. I am a progressive, liberal, intelligent, highly educated woman but with this I take issue. When I gave birth to my two children, one died when very young, I knew that I was making a decision and that my children were a priority, especially while young. A special needs child is exactly that, a child with special needs and a un-wed pregnant young woman doesn’t need the added stress of 24/7 reporters following her and reporting on her every movement.

And for those of you who know a little about me, you know that I would feel the same no matter if the mother was a liberal or a conservative.

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“It is the fact that she chose to accept the nomination knowing how that would put a spotlight on her daughter. It is her putting her ambition in front of her family. If it were me, I would not choose to put my pregnant teenager on a national stage.”

RG is fine…I was drunk when I picked that username and now I have to live with the consequences…

Anyway, every child of every presidential candidate or vice presidential candidate has been in the national spotlight for one reason or another. I agree I wouldn’t put my pregnant child through that, but it’s their own personal judgment call. As toadaly pointed out in another thread, Palin is going through with her child what countless parents in this country are also going through with their children. Her kid will be just fine, she’ll have access to all kinds of support and will receive as much sympathy as she does criticism.

Answer #13

I think people are questioning McCain’s ability to make good decisions as a result of this pick. She may be good from the perspective of trying to appeal to certain key voting blocks, but her lack of experience combined with McCain’s age will be questioned continuously all the way until Nov., and from that perspective you do have to wonder what McCain was thinking.

Answer #14

lanternoflight : YOU have no idea what you are talking about. “I am sure that Sarah Palin’s children are old enough to pretty much take care of themselves.”

She just gave birth to her youngest, who has down syndrome, 5 months ago.

Obviously a woman is capable of raising five children, one a special needs child, while working fulltime. It takes courage, guts, and intelligence. It is just that MOST mothers would not, unless finances demanded, take a job that would take them completely away from their family. Ask you mom what she would have done, IF she didn’t need to work and had a 5 month old baby with special needs, and 4 other children still at home. I bet she would have opted to be with her child until it was a little older.

Answer #15

The AP reports:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband are being praised for supporting their pregnant teenage daughter. Sarah and Todd Palin announced Monday that their 17-year-old unwed daughter is five months pregnant, but plans to have the child and marry the baby’s father. The Palins said the young couple will have the entire family’s love and support. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson says the Palins should be commended for living out their “pro-life and pro-family values” even in trying circumstances. He says being a Christian does not mean you or your children are perfect, but that there is “forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord.” Dobson’s words were echoed by Bishop Harry Jackson. He says the Palins’ support for their daughter Bristol and her willingness to have the baby and marry the child’s father show the kind of character that’s “proven in adverse situations.” Although he is a registered Democrat, Jackson is closer to the Republican Party in opposing abortion, and has co-authored the book Personal Faith, Public Policy with the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins. Bishop Jackson says Americans do not expect leaders’ families to be perfect, but can learn candidates’ true character from how they handle difficult circumstances.

Answer #16

HURRAH for you, lanternoflight…You’ve absolutely right.

I married into a LARGE family…the older kids care for the younger…it’s just the way it has to be, when parents work (which seems to happen when you have a lot of kids)…Even grocery shopping was 1/2 day project, not mention making lunches for 6 kids…who was caring for the two babies in my hubby’s family?? The older kids…that’s who.

Only the very fortunate have ‘not working” as an option…

That little baby is already a light in that family…the kids adore him…you can see that.


Answer #17

Appears to be a normal family where problems crop up now and then - it’s refreshing to read Sarah Palin’s view that a baby is ‘a gift from God’ - you’ll recall Obama stated if one of his daughters were to get pregnant, she shouldn’t be ‘punished’ with it - Is a baby a gift or punishment ?

Answer #18

Amblessed response to why kids are such trouble “Not being taught right from wrong at home - those that are don’t behave like that - they know better.” Does that apply to Palin’s family too? or just everyone elses?

Answer #19

Palin’s husband has a full time job located in Alaska, unless he is planning on quitting to move to DC and stay home with the children.

5 children would benefit under the care of a fulltime parent. If one is attending to the affairs of our country, probably an 100+ hour per week position, and the other is working fulltime, just who do you think will be raising the five children involved (six if you include the future grandchild)?

Answer #20

If this election was happening in the 1950’s, I would agree this is a problem for the McCain-Palin ticket. But considering how many teenage girls in this country get pregnant out of wedlock (including churchgoing Christians) I’d say it’s not really as big a deal as one might think. As you can see, even the most avid of the Religious Right are forgiving of the situation.

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