Would you date a guy that does drugs?

Well I’ve liked this guy, for a while now. and I want to go out with him, but im not sure about it because he smokes pot. its not like im going to marry him one day or something so it really doesnt matter to me. would you go out with a guy that does drugs? I also hear a lot of other rumors about him, but you know how that is.. everybody likes to talk… So what should I do?

Answer #1

If you are just looking for someone to have fun with, I say go for it. I wouldn’t get emotionally attached. Every pot head I dated lacked whatever it is that makes people mature with time. Quite a few of them had their priorities mixed up. I wouldn’t worry about rumors.

Answer #2

Well,if yiu think about it,there are plenty of other worse things he could be doing. Not that smoking marijuana is a good thing,but Its a lot safer than say,Acid. As long as he doesnt let his habit affect your relationship,I dont see why it would really matter.

However;;if hes one of those Potheads who sit there and smoke weed all day,lose all ambition and just copletely dont care about anything aymore,then Obviously you would take the other step.

Answer #3

I’ve dated guys who smoked Pot, but that didn’t change how I felt about him. If he acts the same and cares about you go for it. If smoking pot is a problem for you, maybe you won’t like him. I think it all matters on him, like do the pot make him lie or cheat or any reason you wouldn’t like? If its just an addiction like cigerettes and he treats you right, I say go for it. My boyfriend does it and we been together 2 years and it just relaxes him so its not a problem.

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