Do you consider normal smokers 'drug addicts'?

I was watching this show on T.V. where the person was referring to himself as a drug addict for being a cigarette smoker. Before I had watched this I personally didn’t consider smokers drug addicts, nor have I ever thought about it that way, but I see it differently now.

Do you guys consider smokers drug addicts? Why or why not?

Answer #1

I don’t believe they are full addicts but they are addicted to nicotine which is a drug.So I would say that they are addicted to something just not heavy drus like hroin.

Answer #2

Nicotine is a d-r-u-g, and is very addictive, I would not put this in the same category with the other d-r-u-g-s out there, but you would still be considered a addict.

Answer #3

Well, cigarettes do fit in the category of the definition of the word ‘drug’, but I’d say being called a drug addict is a little harsh. Caffeine is considered a ‘drug’, but I don’t walk around calling myself a ‘Coke Addict’ (haha get it? :P)

Answer #4

But you would be a caffeine addict, I have the same vice, I like my coffee.

Answer #5

Well they are addicted to it, so I would call them an addict, but not a d.rug addict.

Answer #6

as everyone has already said nicotine is a d3ug but i wouldnt class a smoker as a d3ug addict, i mean alcohol is also addictive but i wouldnt class a drinker as a d3ug addict, the only people i would class as d3ug addicts are the people addicted to illegal d3ugs.

Answer #7

Yes. Nicotine Is A Deadly Addictive Drug. It’s Very Very Hard To Stop.. And It Will Kill You

Answer #8

they are addicts, but not drug addicts…

Answer #9

It depends on which interpretation of “drug” you use. . “Drug” can mean an illegal substance as in heröin, cöcaine, etc.. which would not include substances which may be legally sold and used e.g. the nicotine in tobacco products and alcohol. . In this first context, a smoker may be addicted to his cigarettes, but not classed as a drug addict. . On the other hand “drug” can mean legitimate substances used as prescribed medicines which have valuable therapeutic effects. In this context a potentially addictive drug like librium would possibly result in the description of a dependent user as a “drug addict”. This is clearly a rather different contextual use of identical phrases which use the same words but with different meanings. . To call a nicotine dependent cigarette smoker, a “drug addict” would come into a third category of use of the phrase, because nicotine is neither an illegal substance nor is it a substance that is medically prescribed on account of its valuable therapeutic effects. Nevertheless, it is a mood altering substance that is known to be more addictive than heröin. . Personally, I would prefer that the term “drug addict” was only used to describe those people who have become dependent on illegal substances, leaving terms like “alcoholic”, “nicotine dependent”, etc., to describe people who are hooked on dangerous substances that are no illegal. . This is one of those grey areas, where the varied interpretations of words will result in semantic difficulties, ….. . ….. but hey, that is one of the beauties of language and the ambiguities that can so often make boring things seem so much more interesting ( at least to me ).

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #10

I like my soda lol. I’m bad. It’s the carbonation that I love mmm

Answer #11

yes, i am one too. I find that there is no excuse, but the worst thing about it is that it is “so call Legal.” An addiction that will never be illegal

Answer #12

I mean if we go into that technicality, anyone who is addicted to caffeine would also be a addict. Generally the term is reserved for those who are addicted to dr.ugs that impair cogntive processes and drastically impact mood. I wouldnt put smokers in that category any more than I’d put people who drink coke or coffee everyday in that category.

Answer #13

They are technically addicts in that they are addicted to nicotine, which is a drug. “Drug addict” has a really negative connotation, but what it really means is just having a dependence on a certain drug. Caffeine is a drug, and people who experience withdrawal if they don’t get their daily dose of caffeine are “addicted”.

Smokers are addicts, and smoking can be really harmful. But it doesn’t mean smokers have low self-control or anything like that. Their bodies and brains have just been trained to “need” the nicotine.

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